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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Kiasu Gal...

Being a Kiasu and greedy Singaporean, i went to collect my Harry Potter tickets on Sunday at Marina Square GV cos i can get a free notebook.. It's actually quite small but i like anything with Harry Potter on it.. Went to catch the movie, "Just Like Heaven" on that day too, so that i can see how's the sound and the image is like at the theatre..

Very luckily, i got the theatre 6 for the movie, which is where i would be watching the movie on wed (I'm watching the digital version). During the movie, there were some sound disruption, which i hope is due to the movie tape and not because of the theatre projector / equipment... Hope nothing will disrupt me during my Harry Potter show..

After that, i went to eat ice cream even though i was already feeling very cold.. By the time i finished, i was shivering and my hands are all cold.. What a way to torture myself.. I wonder how i will fare if i ever go to North pole or South pole or anywhere that actually have 4 seasons..

Someone left a message, asking why ppl are so obsessed over HP... Well, I'm not so sure.. It's just a trend that was started from the books and which the actors won us over soon after.. But actually, i started reading the books after i saw the movies.. haha.. I guess i just find Daniel Radcliffe very very charming, so much that i can spend a lot on HP..

I just bought some of HP postcards online... Wondering whether i should buy the movie poster or not.. There is actually a shop, called "Popcornpop", in Esplanade that sell movie items... I enjoy going there to see what items i can actually buy for collection..

Finally went to cowboy bar website this morning.. i think it had been more than a month since i last logged in.. Was just too busy to chat with the barflies, but thought i better leave some msg before i kenna kicked out by the Zeus or the barmaids or sheiffs.. haha

Got the new phone, 6020, today... but too bad, it's for my mom and not me.. cos she was complaining that her Samsung's ringing tone is spoilt so i bought this for her.. Luckily, it only costed an extra $68, after i signed for a 2 years' plan and i got to enjoy corporate rate through my company.. Got a free 128Mb thumb drive too but then i already got a 256Mb so not much use actually..

Aiming to buy some vcds soon.. Have my eyes on SHE's new drama,“真命天女” and the drama, “恶魔在身边”starred by 杨臣琳。They looked so interesting and good.. AHHHHH... i want to buy!!! But i must control a bit cos i've been spending too much.. Yesterday, i just bought a bag cos the design is the same as my wallet.. haha

I just read Xiaxue's post on her Thailand trip which is quite similar to mine.. This reminds me of my outstanding post for the trip... I wonder if i type almost the same post as her, will she think i am copying her? haha.. fat chance since my blog hardly exists anyway.. But then it seems that there is nothing much in Bangkok except shopping, tiger show and ah gua show.. But i do miss the shopping there.. at least can buy double of what i can buy here..

Ok, hope this is quite a long post.. cant wait for my HP tomorrow.. wahaha.. nitey~~


  • just post the bangkok trip ba. we can still read about it in a different way and style. =)

    By Blogger absolutjoiz, at 9:25 AM  

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