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Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Bloody NYE

I had been doing OT these few nites (the worst was leaving the company at 9.30pm) cos i wanted to finish my work by this week and dont want to do any OT on new year eve too...It is a bloody bad thing that I had to work on NYE liao while my friends are still sleeping like pigs at home so i really dont want to stay back...

But my wish was destroyed when i received a whole stack of leave forms at around 11am.. Bloody hell!! So i stayed back and completed it.. You may ask why i dont just leave it for next week.. Cos i need to do the bloody leave report for 2005 next week and my company will be changing our employees' badge nos next week too.. so i really must do it by this year... BLOODY HELL!!!

Okay, OT never mind, i'm used to it liao as long as not everyday (my officer is like everyday stayed back one so i am more fortunate liao).. But when i left the company at 3 plus, the bloody weather went and cried on me... TMD... It is not those gentle tears, okay... It was crying up a big storm loh, with the heavy tears and strong winds...

I got umbrella loh but you see my umbrella... so weak how to endure??

This is the umbrella that cannot go through hardships with u..

Anyway, i was struck at one of the HDB, cursing at the stupid weather for being so moody on me.. I mean i just want to go home and rest, is that too much to ask? I think the passers-by thought i was mad liao...

After at least 15 min, the weather seemed to be tired from crying as the tears were lesser.. I decided to make a mad dash across the road.. When i managed to cross the road, the path on the other side was so flooded that i had to walk on the grass.. The water was coming down from the hill...

See how rapidly the water was flowing down in the drain...

Finally i reached the sheltered stairway but my torture had not stopped.. The stairway was flooded cos the water in the drain above had overflowed and thus was flooding down the stairs.. Bloody hell.. By the time, i got up the stairs, my shoes and socks were soaked... And that's how i looked like when i got home, wet jeans and wet shoes and socks.. I conclude the bloody weather really dont like me...


Random Thoughts:
Why do some ppl like to reply New Year greeting with "You too".. So insincere.. You too you too, my head ah.. think i toot toot train ah.. Bloody hell!!


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