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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Kenny Roger

I went to meet my ah gal 3 and ah gal 5 for dinner on Friday.. I arrived on time even though i left the office late.. We decided to eat Kenny Roger.. First time for me cos i never stepped into it before (I am a shuagu)...

I had a 1/4 chicken that came with a muffin and 2 side dishes, mashed potatoes and macaroni with cheese... It was nice but i was very lousy with my fork and knife when i am eating the chicken.. Bo pian, i like to eat using hands mah..

Anyway, i discovered a new shop in Suntec called Chocolate Art.. there are a lot of nice chocolates.. even got a mahjong set one.. so nice.. but i didnt buy anything cos i am really controlling myself and not wanting to spend a lot... Money is so hard to keep...


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