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Monday, December 26, 2005

Michelle's Birthday


I went to her bbq at East Coast Park yesterday. Our class only got Jiahui, Karen, Dave, Chengying and I went... Audrey 放我们飞机 cos she was sick... We met at mac at around 5.30pm, where Dave was the only one on time and Karen and Chengying were the latest to arrive at 6.30pm..

See how sad the happy Dave turned into after waiting for us ladies..

We went to the bbq pits at 7pm, everyway got a lot of ppl there to celebrate Christmas in the more simple way.. The five of us decided to take a walk in the park as most of Michelle's guests were not around..

Sunset at ECP.. too bad i only have a camera phone with me.. :p

By the time, we went back, it was dark and there were many ppl.. We ate some of the food.. I am sibeh controlling myself cos i dont want to eat more than i need.. (U know u will tend to eat and eat when u see other ppl doing that).. Chengying also not eating much cos she is nursing a sore throat..

Went home at 11pm and managed to catch the last train.. By the time i reached home (12.30am), i just want to sleep and sleep.. It is so tiring to live in the West side when almost all of your friends are in the North or East.. No one to share cabs with me or chatted on the trains... No late nite suppers in the East.. :(

Dear granddaughter Karen gave me a gift.. It's a book telling me where are all the good places selling desserts in Singapore.. Who want to explore with me?


  • Your mummy and me can walk and walk just to find nice nice dessert. *grin*

    By Anonymous kelawar, at 11:24 PM  

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