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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Pre-Christmas Celebration

Met some of my sec school friends for dinner on friday... I was hestitant to go at first cos i dont want to be the only female with no male companion on that day but my friends ensure that it would be an all-female thingy ( i know i very niao but they can be with their sweethearts on Christmas eve mah, which is a more impt day), thus i decided to joined in..

I was late cos i needed to pass something to Karen.. Jane was delayed by me too since she waited for me.. We two walked from the orchard mrt to orchard parade hotel, where the Mexican restaurant, Chico’s and Charlie’s Mexican Restaurant and Bar is at..

Kyra, Janice and Joyce are already there, waiting for us.. The food is quite okay but i guessed it is an acquired taste.. hee.. No pic cos i forget to take liao... We exchanged presents when Joycelyn got there.. I got a gingerbread soft toy and sweets from Kyra..

Ya, i got present...


Joycelyn got a necklace from me (but dont think suit her.. haha..), Joyce got a tigger soft toy and bracelet from Joycelyn while Kyra got a precious thought cutley set from Joyce.. Janice got a handbag from Jane while Jane got an assorted gift from Janice.. Assorted meaning got more than one item loh..

After that, we sit around to chat but Joyce went off early for work.. Then it was off to partyworld ktv to sing our hearts out.. On the way there, i saw a lot of legal and illegal hawkers selling things.. Guess Christmas made a good time for them to make some money.. The crowd was horrifying even though it was only 23rd.. i guess it will be like that for the weekend as well..

Kyra sang till 12 plus, cos her prince charming came to pick his cinderella .. Btw, she really sing very well.. should go and join Superstar.. The rest of us stayed till 3am before taking a cab home..

Some thoughts that i had after the outing:

I was kenna "shoot" by my friends during the chat after dinner.. Questions like, "How come you never wear makeup", " How come you never draw your eyebrows", How come you didnt wear contact lense" and "When are you going to get a boyfriend"... Wau lau, even my mom never asked so much...I brushed away all questions with "I'm lazy", which is true...

Sometimes, i wondered whether i am forcing myself to be someone different when i'm with them.. If you supposed to change and be someone else with your friends, maybe the friend your friends want is not really you but someone else.. Maybe it is time for me to find more geeky friends who still know how to enjoy life..

Oh yeah, i saw the bar, The Balcony at Heerens.. Looked fun hor, who want to go with me.. i still very bar virgin.. hee.. that sounded soooo wrong.. Whatever..


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