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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Annual Celebration

I had to drag my sorry ass back to work on Friday even though i was sick.. My boss is very particular about the no. of mc we took.. yes, she is a workaholic and i blamed my sickness on her since she never rest at home when she is sick..

There was an annual celebration on Friday where all the staff can eat a good meal (Bleah!). My colleagues came early for the breakfast while i am in charge of the dinner part with my officer..

Sore throat hurting but i still eat the oily stuff during lunch.. stupid me.. but but but the company is not giving any angbaos to staff this year mah.. the buffet is my angbao liao, so must eat.. Anyway, i had second round during dinner, with the same food.. hahaha.. at least can claim OT for staying back late..

Staying home today, rest and rest and rest...


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