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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ice cream with Bra

Hari Raya Haji (Tues)

It had and has been raining everyday.. My clothes are never going to dry... Disappointing especially when it's a public holiday and you just want to get out of the house.. Anyway, it stopped for a while at 3 plus and i rushed out quickly..

I went to Suntec cos i had the urge to taste Ben & Jerry's ice cream (must be due to reading Ah 9 and Natsu's posts) and i am not in the mind of viewing caged animals in rainy seasons..

The shop is quite small and not much space for me to sit.. I was disappointed at the service but i excused it off as they are really busy.. I ordered a regular cup ($6.50), which allowed me to choose 2 flavors and i chose these..

1.Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

pic took from the Ben & Jerry's website

2.New York Super Fudge Chunk

pic took from the Ben & Jerry's website

VERY NICE!!! After that, i went to shop around and i bought some nice hp accessories.. It's quite exp ($14.90 for 1) so i also dont know why i buy so many in one go.. I must be dying to spend some money... I guess i am just too bored..

Meeting with Huizhen and Xin Yuan (Wed)

Meet these two darlings at West Mall for dinner and a chat at 7pm.. Since my company is so near, i was there at 5 plus, thus i decided to do some shopping... I finally went to buy my bras alone at Ero Lingerie, cos i used to buy with my mom (Yes i am a mommy's gal).. Anyway, the things there are quite exp so i only bought a few items.. I paiseh to show you what i bought.. heehee.. I got a free pouch/ bag/ whatever you will call it with my purchase..

My Free Bag..

Then i went to TS and bought a "Kungfu Mahjong 2" vcd and a "Innocent steps" Dvd..

The dvd is really well protected cos the staff actually had to remove 4 sensors from the case.. so kuang zhang.. Anyway, i am still searching for the "Kungfu Mahjong" vcd that i had bought months ago.. Had not watched it yet.. sad sad..

I managed to not buy anything after that and just browse around in Populars (i dont know why i can spend hours in bookstores).. We went to BK to eat our dinner (Mos Burger is full.. Bleah!) and spent around 2 hours there as we chatted about stuff.. Some of the time i will be lost in the conversation cos they are talking about their common poly friend (For your info, Huizhen is my sec sch classmate.. i actually got to know Xin Yuan through Huizhen and this is only our 2nd meeting.. hahaha..) and this will be the time i start to daydream =p

i gave my Ero Lingerie paperbag to Huizhen cos she said that the logo is actually quite similar to her church's new logo and she wanted to show other staff the paperbag.. After dinner, we walked around West Mall but there's nothing much to see.. We did drop by OSIM to check out the iZap.. Huizhen even got a try at it.. We three were laughing like hell at how she's looked and i think the salesperson thought we are mad.. :p Huizhen is still thinking whether to buy or not.. As for me, i will buy but not so soon...Heehee

I just realised i spent like 300 hundred bucks in 3 days.. Freaking hell.. That's like 10 jugs of beers you can buy in pubs loh..


Speaking of bras, Akk mentioned her friend who can guess women's bra size.. Mmmm, guess what game i managed to find.. haha... I only got 52 out of 100.. haha.. better than nothing bah..

You can play the game here.


  • Kungfu Mahjong 2 was not shown in the cinemas and VCD release liao...i neber watch part 1 too!

    its interesting to know that church logo resemble Ero Lingerie paperbag!!!

    4 sensor is too much, what shop issit to be so kiasu...everytime i oni see 1 sensor nia!!

    By Blogger Leonard, at 1:59 PM  

  • i like the new york super fudge ice cream too!!!

    By Blogger absolutjoiz, at 11:12 AM  

  • That bag look abit like bra at 1st look. Hahaha...

    By Blogger DK, at 12:02 PM  

  • I got both Que Sheng 1 and 2. = D

    By Blogger Zhe Bin, at 6:44 PM  

  • Leonard: Yeah loh.. kiasu singaporeans.. or maybe they kept fogetting that they had placed the sensors and so keep on putting?

    Absolutjoiz: Yea!! But fattening hor...

    DK: i also think so tooo.. heehee

    Bin Bin: I also got wah.. original copies hor.. just that my part 1 dont know put where liao..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 9:17 AM  

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