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Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Lazy & Hot Sunday Afternoon

Surprisingly, i didnt stay at home to sleep cos i was having the ice cream craving again.. Hopefully this will not be a weekly thing..

Anyway, i took a ride from mom, who was taking a cab to Bugis to meet my aunt.. My aunt lived at the block near the Guanyin Temple, which also means she is super near to OG, Bugis Village, Bugis Junction, Library, etc etc.. I envy her.. so nice to paradise.. want to go Geylang eat supper also near.. i is feeling sianz liao..

Back to how i spent my afternoon.. I decided to walk around Bugis since i am already there.. I saw this board showing the fortunes of the 12 zodiacs for Year of Dog..

The fortune board, just outside OG..

Wau.. see how impt the board is.. so many ppl saluting it.. haha.. No lah, i am being lame.. They are just shielding their eyes from the sun so as to be able to read the board.. I also did it..

Went to Bugis village after that and was sweating like a pig liao.. i smelled horrible.. Yucks.. I saw this tiny set of mahjong that costed 60 plus.. So nice but so exp.. I did i can only buy when i managed to save some money... Then i went to Bugis Junction and walk for a hour or so... Decided to go to Cold Storage to get a bottle of mineral water before leaving but ended up getting a lot more..

Got this organic milk chocolate, organic biscuits and ladyfingers for future tiramisu making (now, where is that recipe.. hmmm) and a bottle of water, all for $17 plus.. Dot dot dot...

Also got this 潮州腊饼 for mom but ended up she dont like to eat it.. so going to go into my stomach liao..

I also bought this for $10 at one of the pushcarts on level 1.. it was the last one.. So cute, right? The bottle can be a piggybank when the puddings are finished off..

These are the mini puddings..

After that, i went to Raffles City, where i saw some stage performances by performers from China.. And i discovered many nice shops there.. One of them is Das Erzgebirge-Haus (#03-27).. It sell handmade wooden scenes which came from the storybook or bible ot just some wooden characters.. they are all so wonderful and beautiful but once again.. yes you guess it.. very expensive for my pockets... the cheapest seemed to be $14.90 and it is only like 5cm tall..

This is the shop..

I saw this very nice glass ornament, which has a wind wheel (some sort) or something in the glass ball.. i like this green one alot and it is sooo damn cheap loh.. Only $240 loh.. Bloody hell.. Anyone want to buy it for me? Heehee..

I was so tired after this and was going to NOT eat ice cream.. but i decided to persist on since it was my reason for going out.. Once again, there was no more seats when i reached there so must eat while walking loh.. I choose Chunky Monkey and Berry Berry Extraordinary (cant find the pic for this one..) for the flavours..

pic took from the Ben & Jerry's website

A regular with choice of 2 flavours..

See the chunks inside Chunky Monkey.. it is actually walnuts and chocolate (only got 3 pieces loh.. not enough for ms chocolate... hmphz..)

By the time i finished, it was close to 6pm so i decided to go straight home and slack.. haaha.. I just realised that i actually spent $40 plus in one afternoon and all the stuff i bought are things that are going to make me fatter.. I DONT WANT TO GO OUT ANYMORE LIAO...


  • Think you need to have more self-control but i do know its very hard!!!

    By Blogger Leonard, at 11:25 AM  

  • wah lau...jia lat, go out buy food, but stay home also snack on what you already bought, hahaha..chun bu liang nan...

    By Blogger Ang Ku Kueh, at 2:20 PM  

  • mini mahjong. u can try checking out @ Fu Lu Shou complex. Should be cheaper!!!
    Dun buy @ 60 bucks. So exp!!

    By Blogger defy angel, at 12:49 AM  

  • Leonard: Haha.. u ask yourself first.. heehee

    AKK: Yeah loh.. and where's my bread?

    Defy angel: Is it? ok, one day go there loiter a bit

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 5:41 AM  

  • Let's go karaoke!!! Must find your mummy's timesheet to book her. LOL.

    By Anonymous Daddy, at 9:33 AM  

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