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Thursday, January 26, 2006

More CNY shopping

Esprit skirt
Originally uploaded by Jaschocolate.
It was a hectic week as i rushed to do my shopping and meet my friends.. First time i spent $220.42 just over 3 days for clothes (usually i spent them on cds and books.. heehee.. nerd nerd..).

I finally found my size for the This Fashion skirt at JEC This Fashion on Monday...

Then i went to Harbourfront Esprit to buy some clothes.. I tried on two skirts which i liked a lot but one of them dont have my size again.. So i just bought one but this one is the most expensive skirt i ever bought (see pic).. Costed $125.92 after i used my friend's card for discount.. I am sooo going to eat grass this month liao.. Haha.. kidding lah.. lucky still got saving from the aws... Hengz hengz..

I still want to buy that other skirt that costed about $79.90.. Guess must wait after i got my angbao money liao...


  • haha, i'm also gonna eat grass after all those cny shopping for new clothes...

    By Blogger KwokSiong, at 4:57 PM  

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