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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Old Habits Die Hard

This pic reminds me of a scene i saw before.. A grandfather was holding onto two little gals, wanting to bring them to the gents to 小便. Dont know why he is walking to and fro outside the toilet.. Maybe he want to wait for less guys in the gents, lest his granddaughters got corrupted?

I was tempted to help him bring the two gals to the Ladies.. But then i was not in the parenthood mood, definitely not wanting to be someone's mother.. Especially if the kids are not mine.. What if they peed on me?
What if they fall and cry? I decided to spare myself from the agony by not being a kaypo..

This is also why i swear that if i ever had a boy (not likely unless i very suay and get pregnant from ONS..), i must always get my husband to bring my boy to the Gents to "xu xu".. so that he wont get corrupted by going to the Ladies.. I always feel that it is very wrong for one to go to the opposite gender's toilet at a young age.. what if habits cant be changed and the person turned into a peeking tom.. Okay, i'm thinking too much... I am not even going to be married.. :p


  • u r still dreaming..these tiny things always occurred even to mums with boys..that showed you u still naive, inmature.think y will not be married unless you change your thinking, and grow up fast

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:54 AM  

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