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Monday, January 09, 2006

Shopping at Kino.. Fantastic..

The other day i went IMM for lunch with my colleagues and i bought this, Caramel Corn at Daiso.. It is soooooo nice.. Opps, should use "was" cos i finished the whole pack that very day.. Not that i am a greedy pig but cos i was doing OT that day and feeling super hungry mah.. heehee..

Anyway, i took half day leave today cos confirm need to clear some leave by March mah so just anyhow took loh.. Decided to go to Taka to do shopping.. I shopped and shopped for 2 hours at Kinokuniya alone loh.. After that, I had my lunch at Taka Mac at 3plus..

I decided to try the ť•≠tastic, the new rice burger at Mac.. I chose Chicken cos i cant eat beef (Actually, i can eat cos i am not very religious but my mom wont be happy.. heehee :p). Anyway, i just have the burger and a drink cos i was not very hungry...

My verdict:
Overall, it is okay.. The rice is mixed with mushrooms and some spices.. What i dont like is that there is this taste of mushroom lingering in your mouth after you finished... so if you are not a great fan of mushroom, pls dont order the chicken one... I like the chicken meat cos it is thigh meat.. so not too hard and still crunchy and juicy.. It is no wonder that i finish the chicken meat way faster than the rice (actually is cos when i bite onto one side, the rest came with it.. so i just went on and finish it.. heehee). You can probably guess the fate of the remaining burger, with only the mushroom rice and red cabbage.. Yeah, i ate a bit and throw to one side liao.. I think maybe i will try the beef one on another day.. Maybe it will be better..

Did anyone notice the stupid outfits the Mac staff had to wear? Earlier, they wore this chinese robes, that looked more like bathroom robes.. Now, they upgraded liao, changed to those traffic police or those litterbugs cos they are wearing those jackets thingy.. Dont know how to describe, you go look at it yourself lah... Anyway, here are the gains for today..

1. Comic Books

I had been dying to buy these latest releases but always no time to come Kino to buy.. I can save 50 cents per book if i buy at Kino cos i got the membership card.. heehee..

2. Career Guide 2005

I dont know why i bought this.. Guess i just want to show Karen ah gal, that we are very underpaid cos the average gross pay for our batch (no experience) is around $1595... Wau liao.. i also want that kind of money... Anyway, there are some useful info cos i am still thinking whether i want to study in the near future or not.. :p

3 & 4. Magazines - Bead Style & National Geographic

I bought the Bead Style cos I am thinking of learning to make some jewellery.. Of cos before i can actually do it, i must go and buy all the stuff first.. Christine dear, next time you want to go and buy, pls ask me along, ok? Believe when i said that i bought the National Geographic magazine for the purpose of looking at the pics.. heehee...

5. Chinese Book

I bought this book cos i think the character looked so cute... Dont believe? I give you a bigger pic..

Wahaha.. see.. even got a rose for me.. wahaha..

So tiny and adorable..

Actually, the words in the book are pretty meaningful as well.. I will share with you guys one day, after i finished reading (should be soon ba cos very very little words inside).. heehee

Click here if you are very bored and need a scare.. (Vanna and Jay Daddy, you watched already liao so no need click :p)


  • i think the chicken fan-tasic taste good...ate it once in taipei before it came to singapore.

    actually i want to blog about eating it 2 weeks ago but the photo i took disappear from my phone so didn't blog...

    when i eat in the office, the smell fill the whole office and even my colleagues asked me what am i eating...

    By Blogger Leonard, at 12:35 AM  

  • haha.. go and eat again loh.. but i really didnt notice the smell.. wahaha

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 6:32 PM  

  • Piang eh, I watched before liao still got a big scare. Heart beating superfast...

    By Anonymous co-editor, at 11:05 PM  

  • Mommy: *hugs*
    you hide in daddy's arms, then no scare liao.. :p

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 9:43 AM  

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