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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Shopping Sunday

Met Jane to go to a hairdresser's place to do haircut cos now most salons had increased prices due to CNY. I was on my way to Jane's place when i saw a cute Caucasian on the bus.. He looked so cute cos he seemed to be at a loss of where he is at.. He was looking left and right and searching for the map to take a look.. I wonder one day when i am a tourist in some countries, will i be the same like him, looking so lost and adorable.. Anyway, from his attire, i figure he is probably thinking of going to Bt Timah hill for a trek (i may be wrong).. if he is, then he is definitely on the wrong bus.. Anyway, he alighted at the bus-stop opposite Railway mall when he realised he is lost.. Hmm.. at least my eyes got satisfied today.. heehee..

Jane's sis, Janet brought me to their place from the bus-stop cos i wasnt sure how to go to their new flat.. Their new place is quite nice, stylish type loh.. hahaha.. I was surprised when i saw Jane.. Forgot she said she permed her hair and it was the first time i saw her since.. Very nice.. sexy babe! Her bf drove her mom, her and me to the hairdresser.. I cut and highlighted my hair for only $30 loh.. very cheap.. heehee.. But i really pity the hairdresser cos i know my hair super hard to have colour.. haha..

After that, Jane's mom treated me to wanton noodles.. heehee.. And rojak too.. yes yes, i am a greedy pig.. I watched "The Wig" with Jane at her place.. The movie was so confusing, i cant really understand till the very end.. hmmm.. Then went shopping with Jane's mom and Jane at Kranji's This Fashion... So many ppl there.. Anyway, i managed to buy 2 tops and 2 skirts.. I hate myself for being so fat that i cannot squeeze into a small size.. cos i like a skirt but there is only s size left... Guess i need to go to other This fashion to hunt it down liao.. Ok, that's all for boring Sunday.. Tomorrow is bluezz Monday again...


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