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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bar's 1st Birthday

Yesterday marked the last Sat i ever need to work in my current company... Woohoooooo!!!! I celebrated the day by going to the cowboybar's 1st anniversey anniversary ( fuck, i cant spell this word all the time) chalet... I went to West Mall to hang around, while waiting for Winter and others to reach the chalet before i start going there.. Reached the CDANS at 5pm and joined some barflies in a bowling game...

Do you know that there is a "No Slippers" sign at the entrance to the building where the Superbowl is situated.. The moment i saw that, "Shit, no slippers." came out from my mouth.. But after peeking through the doors and saw almost EVERYONE wearing slippers, i decided to just go into the building..

My first game was still okay, with a score of 105 but i lost my strength in the second one, with only 70plus, pulling down my average to 80plus per game.... I was very absentminded and kept forgetting my stuff.. Uncle Moo Moo aka Ah Gu(why ah gu ah?) even ran off with my slippers.. what a bad person!!! We left the alley at 6.50 and reached the chalet at 7pm.. But food was late so all of us were just standing around and all...

We were made to wear a tape stating our nicks for easier recognition.. BUT i still cannot remember who is who.. The faces are all now completely messed up liao, except for those i already know.. Hell, I cannot even distinguish which is NG and Cowboy.. their faces made me blur.. I had to remind myself that NG looked more serious and old while Cowboy looked more cheeky.. That's the bad thing about ppl being annoymous, cannot see the pics of the faces, so always forget how they looked like even though you saw them before.. :( I think i still may mistaken one for another so if i called ppl by the wrong nick, you must forgive me.. I IS OLD!!!

Reached home at 12plus and thought i got the strength to watch Naruto.. Ended up dozing on and off so i off the tv and went to bed...

I had wanted to go out to Queensway to buy sports shoes today but ended up running to the toilet 3 times.. Cleaning out everything cos i didnt really do it much this week... i think it is the alcohol i drank last nite that triggered it.. But fuck loh, it was only ONE CAN OF TIGER BEER... Unless it got to do with that punch TK made.. I think i can stop training my drinking already..

What i hate most is that when you go to the toilet and you thought you are finished liao, so you cleaned it off and left the toilet... Only to be returning in 10 mins time.. very sianz loh.. think of all the toilet paper and water that are wasted... No worries, this is not diarrhea but just my regular "clearing body" routine.. Sighz, i can only go shopping next week...

And what is wrong with Flickr.... Why is some of my pics not showing up.. Bloody hell...

Random thoughts:
If you are eating and shitting at the same time, does that mean your weight remains the same? Ok, this thought is grossing me out...


  • Ya lo! Waste of water plus toilet paper! Hahahaha.. Everytime I do that, my heart aches for the water and toilet paper.

    Anyway, you can go try the eating and shitting thing k? I'll be waiting for your answer. :D

    By Anonymous OLLie, at 5:04 PM  

  • actually i think the answer is no. because the weight of what you eat is definitely more than what you shit, since some of the food particles would be absorbed into the blood stream.

    By Blogger KwokSiong, at 8:00 PM  

  • >> Waste of water plus toilet paper!?
    Try here http://www.diapersite.com/ , they got wide range of solutions to suit your needs hehehe ...

    >> you cleaned it off and left the toilet... Only to be returning in 10 mins time
    gosh ... no wonder you turn GREEN like HULK :P

    >> If you are eating and shitting at the same time, does that mean your weight remains the same
    garbage in garbage out ... it depends on what you eat.

    yucks! ... are you on some slimming routine right now???

    By Blogger slurp!, at 10:36 PM  

  • ollie: You also?? Err.. why dont u try first... heehee

    kwoksiong: what if i eat glucose? will that be worse...

    slurp!: yes yes.. that's why i am GREEN!!! haha... Diapers cost more leh... Or maybe i should ask ollie to try it first...

    Errr.. yes and no to the slimming routine... i am trying to eat less.. heehee

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 7:58 AM  

  • Ha ha... little girl cannot hold her liqour. =P

    By Blogger Postmaster-General, at 8:24 AM  

  • jus a can of Tiger...i think must be you mix liquor lar....that mixture punch too strong for u...

    By Blogger Leonard, at 10:18 AM  

  • pmg and Uncle leonard:
    Let me put my words across more clearly...


    okay? just that the alcohol dont settle well lah..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 11:01 AM  

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