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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Must Love Dogs

I went down to Takashimaya, Orchard after work to buy the presents for the three gals.. It was a very quick event as i buy without sincerity and bought them vouchers... Main reason is my taste is different from them anyway so best for them to choose their own gifts..

Took the bus 174 home from Orchrd.. I remembered that the last time i took the bus home, i overslept and ended up near JJC.. So this time round, i was very very focused on looking at where the bus was going.. There was, however, a brief moment where i was lost in my own thoughts and then i almost freaked out when i thought i had went pass my place again.. Luckily, my brain soon recognised the place and my heart returned to my body again..


Pic from offical website

Watched Must Love Dogs earlier in the morning (most of the times, i will wake up at 5am to watch the dvd cos i am usually very tired at nite) .. It was a okay movie.. sure of a V day entertainment for me anyway.. After the movie, i was once again convinced by the scriptwriter that all the good-looking guys in the world are either incorrigible, like Bob (starred by Dermot Mulroney) or gay, like Eric (Victor Webster).. A gal is not left with much choice nowadays...


  • u superb leh..wake up at 5am to wake dvd then go work...u're sure an early bird...

    dun worries, u can always look for expats....or someone that's right for u will appear when the time comes.

    By Blogger Leonard, at 10:09 AM  

  • huh.. expats hard to catch.. :(

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 2:41 AM  

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