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Friday, February 17, 2006

Win anything?

As suggested by my Les Daddy, i should post this up...

I got this in an email.. Check your EZ Link card no against those in the pic... Pls give me a treat if you win anything, ok? Heehee...

Click for a clearer view...


  • Bo tio!!! sww the first 2 numbers not even tally with one on the list..

    By Blogger Leonard, at 10:11 AM  

  • Wow liew!!! I Never kena any of the numbers!

    By Blogger defy angel, at 1:09 PM  

  • Leonard: Same as me.. i think cos both of us dont use the transport alot.. You ALWAYS drive leh, so i think confirmed dont have.. while i walked to work so dont travel much..

    defy_angel: Aiyohz, fated loh.. Must wait for next draw.. before that, take more mrt wor...

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 2:12 AM  

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