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Friday, March 24, 2006

Bali Thai

Today is my colleague's last day at work so my boss treated him to lunch.. Of course, we get to enjoy free food too... We went to West Mall and we asked the colleague to choose since he is the main lead today.. He was thinking of going to eat la mian at the level 2 restaurant, but then Boss wanted to go Bali Thai instead.. What to do, the one who pays is the greatest mah.. So follow her loh.. Treat ppl also cannot them what they wanted to eat.. : ( Lucky my colleague dont mind..

We went to Bali Thai.. I think the place do not look very nice.. It looked misty in the pic because of the lights that seemed to be at everywhere..

Inside Bali Thai

I dont like the appetitizers cos it is those chips that are a bit bitter.. I still like my prawn crackers more..


Wee Xin's Bandung and My thai iced tea

My boss ordered 2 sets of pineapple rice, 1 tom yam soup and 7 dishes.. All for just five of us.. Errr.. eat until i sianz.. Let me recollect what were ordered... 1 plate of rice crackers, 1 plate of satays, 1 plate of sotongs, 1 plate of padang chicken, 1 plate of fried tofu, 1 plate of thai-style fish and 1 plate of stirred fry kangkong...

Pineapple rice

rice crackers - i like this, very crispy

Satays - Come to thai restaurant for satays??

Sotong - Made me blur like sotongs?

Tom yam soup - I can only drink 1 sip..

No time to take all the pics and i dont want my colleagues to know why i am taking the pics for.. heehee... I cant eat some of the dishes cos they are really too spicy for me.. Cannot drink soup, cannot eat fish... But i can eat the kangkong cos i had eaten very very spicy ones before cooked by my campmates.. haha..

See my plate.. so jialat.. No lah.. this is only at the beginning when the dishes had not arrived yet..

The service is quite slow at Bali Thai.. They just served you the food fast fast then disappeared.. Only appeared to clear the dishes at the end.. Then their plates are all those types that took up a lot of space one.. And the table is so limited.. Sighz.. Lucky not my money so i just eat loh and dont think too much..

This is my intern ah boy, wee xin.. All the pics were taken using his motorola phone cos my hp low batt... His phone is so big and bulky.. Dont know why guys like all those pdas and all that are so heavy :p

In deep thoughts..

Acting shy

Still acted cool when covering face -_-""

I bought something from Sassyjan and i was going to transfer money to her till i realised... POSB cannot transfer to UOB.. Why like that ah? So troublesome.. Was going to aske someone to do Internet Banking (IB) for me but IB also need the other person's bank code and branch code.. Wau lao.. Next time, i am going to get a UOB account liao.. Can only asked someone to transfer for me via traditional way liao :p In case you are wondering why i dont get my own IB... Actually i got one.. just that i.. errrr.. forget my id liao.. dont laugh too much lah...


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