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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bintan Trip

Was forced to go down to Bintan plant yesterday.. Yeah, that's the only kind of oversea travelling i will have at my current company. At first, i wanted to book a cab but mom was being her nagging self again so i went down to flag a cab instead. I went down at 5.50am cos i was afraid of being late in meeting my boss..

The road was quite quiet so the moment so the moment i saw the taxi light from afar, i started flagging.. I got a shock when i saw the cab.. I had flagged a mercedes cab loh.. Ho say liao.. i gotta arrive in ulu Taman Merah Ferry Terminal in style liao.. haha.. I was thinking, "Hopefully boss dont see me, i still need to claim cab fares one.." :p

As i got onto the cab, the driver (A) started to talk to another driver (B) via the walkie talkie/hp when he knew that i was going to Taman Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT). Ended up is the other uncle (B)had to drive up to Changi Airport to pick up a customer, but he wasnt able to pick up any passenger who wanted to go there.. And you know how siong it is to drive from west to east without any passenger lah..So they asked me if i mind being transferred to his cab... haha.. I really wanted to laugh liao cos this is the first time such a thing happened to me..

I said i dont mind thus Driver (A) drive me for a little distance to find Driver (B) cos Driver (B) was already at Bukit Timah, going to drive up to PIE liao.. We met up outside the petrol station near the Bukit Batok Nature Park and i changed to Driver (B) cab... haha.. Uncle (B) did explained to me that this is not common lah.. And usually they will asked the passenger whether they are willing to change or not before doing anything.. I think they are scared that i will go and complain cos even though i dont know his names, i still got his taxi no on the receipts..

Chatted and chatted and i reached the place at 6.25am.. WAU LAO!! I wa supposed to meet my boss at 7.30am loh.. Who's the idiot who told me i needed one hr to reach? I reached in 30 mins loh.. i think the ppl helped me to add in waiting time in case of traffic jam.. haiz.. so early also dont know what to do.. I got so bored that i took the only magazine i saw and started flipping through.. For your info, it is "Golf Vacation"... Interesting to know that the Bintan Golf Resort's brochere had four languages on it; English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean..

Golf Vacation (really manly mag)

Brochure (forget to rotate it.. u bend ur head to the right lah)

Me at the Ferry Terminal :p

Inside the TMFT

Wau, why need red carpet?

Since this is the first time I came to TMFT, I decided to explore the place a bit and take some pics. There is still plenty of time and i really need to find something to entertain myself before i fall asleep..

Sliding doors

Outside the Departure Hall

Departure Hall sign

I walked a while and find a spot where i can sit there and 吹海风... haha

Nice spot

Nice view (if not for the fences)

the harbour

Me with the blue bkground

Once more, but this time with a smile...

Weird uncle, exercising or praying?

Went walking back to the Departure Hall when i saw the trolleys at the side.. Made me think of those unwanted trolleys from Changi Airport kenna banished to here.. haha


I walked to the other side... Arrival Hall

I saw the bus stop so i went to see what bus comes here... Only 35 from Bedok Interchange..

Why are Mercedes cabs so special?

Early in the morning, the taxi stands got cabs liao... but no passengers waiting leh :p

My colleague introduced me this stall.. She said the nasi lemak is nice but i think myboss think it is dirty (She very high class hor), while i cant eat heavy food before the ferry ride.. But i looked at ppl eat, i felt so tempted.. Do try it out if you happened to go there.. It's just next to the taxi stand outside the Arrival Hall.

Preparing to open..

Open and ready to serve customers..


Continue eating...

Went back to the Departure Hall at around 7.20am to continue waiting.. There are a lot of ppl there already..

Ppl going for cruise..

What better place to open a golf shop.. but got business meh? Only if the ppl forget to bring something bah..

Ppl going to play golf on a WEEKDAY.. fuck..

Ppl going on hoilday.. Fuck...

Boss was late and came at 7.40am... We proceeded to counter 6 to pick up our tixs...

We thought we still had some time so we went to eat breakfast...

My breakfast since i cant eat much.. i like the kopi.. a lot of condensed milk..

Ended up we missed the boarding time when we finished the breakfast.. Haiz.. and you know why? It was because my boss had the misconception that the ferry will always wait for her and i decided to follow her cos it was my first time mah.. But i feel that the staff should have told us that we are supposed to go in the gate already when we collected the tixs.. Then both of us also never checked the timing...

Haha.. in the end, we changed the ferry tixs for afternoon and we went to Ubi to do some work since there was still 4 more hrs... Why my trip so eventful one? At Ubi, i got nothing much to do loh.. so helped my boss to run errand, which is to post her overdue payment for her credit card bill... She pasted so much glue on the envelope, almost like she is scared that someone will steal her money.. haha

Although i asked the directions from the receptionist, Donna, I found it hard to find the box to mail the envelope leh.. Asking around then found it.. She never mentioned it is situated at the bookstore.. Frankly, i never saw this type before cos the ones i posted my letters in are those stand alone types by the road :p

The boss of the store happened to be sitting outside.. His name is Mr Ling and he was teasing me about not seeing the mailbox when it is so big.. haha... He is very humourous and speak good english.. He was telling me about this "jungle language" that is used by his dialect ppl in China.. i could not really understand but he made my mood turn lighter.. If you are free and around Ubi area, u can go and find him... :p

Pic of Mr Ling...Is the pic nice? i like the shadows, giving it a slighty rugged look..

Boss and i went back to TMFT earlier for lunch...

Boss' lunch - Fishball noodle with herbal soup

My Lunch - Mee Siam

Boss asked me to eat some of her noodles.. The herbal soup is really nice.. I feel so full after eating that i was scared i will get seasick.. We went inside the boarding area first cos we really had learned our lesson.. I was surprised to see the duty free shop inside.. So i was wondering whether i can buy the liquor later or not..

Duty free shop

Boarding gate 2

Inside the ferry

Plastic bags for u to vomit in :p

I feel that the waves are really killing me.. Especially when we reached the middle of the sea, all the pressures are coming from different directions, made the waves very rough for me to take it.. Was busy eating my sour plums.. Boss also took from me.. She never bring her own, so unprepared... When it was nearer to Bintan, the waves are smoother cos there are those small islands to help to withhold the pressure (i think lah)...

We stayed only like 3 hrs for a brief meeting then must go back liao...The return trip was just as bad.. I dont know why i always cannot sleep when the waves started to be too strong.. I kept waking up... I think i hurt some nerves.. i am having headaches today..

I wanted to buy things at Duty Free shop but boss was waiting so i never go to the shop.. Bleah.. I hated the way she pretended to be close to me.. I is not her daughter loh.. dont anyhow touch me like we are close.. Basket!! Felt unwell on the cab home..

Tired little me

Stupid me went to watch 6hrs of Naruto when i reached home, instead of going to bed.. But i wanted to prove that i can finished the rented dvds and returned them today mah.. ended up going to bed at 4am :p

Reward myself today.. Yum Yum..


  • no wonder you are crappy..:P

    By Blogger sOnG, at 9:48 AM  

  • you've such an evenful trip to bintan.

    ferry are horrible if its not well-bulit, reading this post makes me remember my trip in HK-Macau!

    anyway, thanks for "bring me around" TMFT!

    By Blogger Leonard, at 11:28 AM  

  • hmmm...never been to the ferry terminal, think will go explore soon. :)

    By Blogger THE SLY ONE, at 8:15 PM  

  • No wonder you say your post very long. Hahaha..

    Actually I get seasick too, just not that often. But my greatest fear is dropping something into the ocean. What is that called ar? That fear of losing something to the sea?

    By Anonymous ollie, at 8:27 PM  

  • song: Yeah loh.. i was such a sweet and innocent gal back then.. sob sob..

    leonard: Still waiting for your credit card so that i can charge tour fees..

    Never been to HK before.. Haiz.. no money.. sob sob.. i like my mrt more.. No mrt sickness..

    the sly one: go go go.. tell me the nasi lemak nice or not hor!!

    ollie: I told u got 40 pics liao.. i dont think got this fear.. u can go develop on it and makes it 发扬光大!! Heehee..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 8:38 AM  

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