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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I went to meet my secondary school friends (Jocelyn, Huimin and Qiuhua) for dinner yesterday. My colleague dropped me at Orchard Road cos he needed to go there to pick up something. You know there is this traffic light which you have to cross to go over to Wheelock Place? Sometimes, one or two cars will be strucked there when the predestrians are crossing due to the bad traffic. In the past, i will be irritated and amused because of this, feeling that the ppl are very bad drivers.. Then now got retribution liao.. My colleague's car got struck there.. and both of us were laughing and laughing our heads off.. haha.. I should learn my mistake liao..

Then i took mrt to Cityhall.. I am so used to going there so much that i'm a bit numb liao..We decided to eat at 店小二 at Marina Square.. There were no available tables so we sat on the stools outside the shop to wait while ordering our food first.. The menus are those 武林密集 type of manual books.. so cute but too bad i forgot to take a pic of it..

The interior design is so cute... got those old wine tanks and red lanterns.. But it's a bit small..

We ordered a set meal consisting of 7 dishes (including desserts) for 4 of us.. There is 东波肉,which seemed to be just fatty pork meat loh..

Then also got duck meat and spicy fish meat.. I only ate a slice of the fish loh.. too spicy for me..

Also got my small bowl of shark's fins soup..

Got two more dishes which i didnt take pics cos was busy eating liao.. They are prawns cooked with cereal and a vegetable dish (cannot remember the name).. After that is dessert, which is xue ha cooked with yang sheng.. very bitter for me :(

We went to Marina Mandarin Hotel's lounge for drinks after that.. I ordered Pink Champange that tasted so much like wine leh..

I dont like the service there.. so slow in collecting my bill.. I should have just left without paying.. Hmphz... But the atmosphere is very good, with the live classic band there.. and the comfortable chairs :p

Huimin and Qiuhua on the comfortable chair.. Background is the band :p

The lounge had a Ladies nite every wed.. and they got served a lot of chocolates goodies.. $24.50 per pax.. Anyone want to go with me?


  • Eat and eat and eat..neber take pictures....haha..dun blame you as when one is hungry...eat first then talk!!

    it also look weird when you taking photo of the food when your friends can't wait to eat them up!!

    By Blogger Leonard, at 1:03 PM  

  • I lazy to eat fish and prawns one. One got bone one got shell.

    By Blogger Zhe Bin, at 5:29 PM  

  • The 店小二 sounds nice...passby there many times but yet to try their food.

    By Blogger THE SLY ONE, at 7:58 PM  

  • Leonard: i got take pics lah.. just no time to post.. heehee.. My friends were asking me why i am taking pics liao.. so funny..

    rubbish bin: You are rubbish bin leh.. supposed to eat everything, including bones and shells.. haha..

    the sly one: Actually i think the food is only passable..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 10:27 PM  




    By Blogger Winter, at 12:11 AM  

  • 东坡肉 is delicious when properly done. caramelized sugar coating with melt in the mouth type of fats. their food presentation really bad, i hope you didn't pay too much for the food.

    techincally, Champange is bubbly produced in Champange (france). unlike wine, they are fizzy & always a joy to drink.

    By Anonymous slurp!, at 12:25 AM  

  • I think zhe bin wants his gf/wife next time to peel for him, then he eat. tsk tsk.

    I have been to this pizza place at Marina Square. Not very fantastic. Just alright. The taste doesnt justify the price. Too ex!

    By Anonymous ollie, at 11:05 AM  

  • Have u ever eaten so much chocolates until u get fever? For me, i have a tendency to be affected by heaty food, so i have to eat stuff like chocolates sparingly. But i guess white chocolate is not as heaty ;p

    By Blogger Mickell, at 3:21 PM  

  • winter: WHY U SO BAD TO ME!!! Hmphz.. going to ignore u liao..

    slurp!: i think this mean the one i ate failed liao.. i find it fatty and salty.. Pls let me know what got nice one to eat leh...

    ollie: Yeah loh, that MCP!!

    Which pizza place is that?

    michael chua: Errr... no leh.. i only turned fat lah.. not heaty..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 7:32 PM  

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