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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I am not bad, just....

The moment i stepped into the office yesterday morning, i heard my boss shouting in her room over the phone conversation with someone.. She was so aggravated that you can hear that she was sobbing as she spoke... Sad to say but I dont have any sympathy for her and only felt amused. I am so cold-blooded hor..

*i am so cold-blooded.. so all those who sell charity tixs, just go away lah.. I dont think i looked so guai that you had to ask me twice, resulting in me REJECTING you twice.. And i am really scared that if someone asked me again, i will really buy the tix.. waste of money and i dont know how many percentage of the proceeds really goes to the needy.. The last time i bought this charity package for $10, only got to know that 10% went to the needy... so bad...

Anyway, i think my boss pushed herself into this.. Probably her age made it hard for her to put down the feeling of being in control, in power... However, the real fact is that she had a boss now and she is only a group hr manager, who is doing work that are more of that of an executive. Yet, she dont recognise that and still want to hang on to other unimportant stuffs, instead of doing her best more in the hr core aspects.. It is no wonder that she does not earn any of our respect.

Anyway, I dont care and just went for my half day leave (had to clear leave for last yr :p). I had arranged to meet my poly friend, Valerie at Jurong Point for lunch before she went off to NIE for her daily lessons.. We decided to eat at Fish & Co (I very guai one, i listen to the teacher, ok?)..

Basically, it was my first visit there so i just chose their 招牌菜,fish and chips :p I find it okay lah, the type that i will still go back to eat if i had the extra cash.. I am not so picky in my food and tend to stick to the normal and "safe" dishes.. Heehee.. So we were chatting and i was telling her that i am indecisive whether to apply to teach (Seriously, i think the kids will flunk if i teach them)..

Suddenly, i came out with this tagline.. "I'm not bad, I'm just an asshole".. Nice? I wonder if i can custom made a tee with this line for myself.. It will be cool to wear something like that.. heehee... Any places to recommend or not? Also thought of another tagline while walking to the company in the morning.. "I'm not fat, I just have too much meat".. This sounded a bit familiar so dont know where i got the idea from.. Now if i am creative enough, i will have enrol myself in a designer course.. Too bad lah..

After lunch and sending Val to the bus interchange, I decided to go search for the Esprit skirt that i had been eyeing on for a while.. Cant seem to find it in most shops and i feared that it was sold out liao... Anyway, i decided to give it a try by going to the shop situated at Orchard Meritus Mandarin as it is the biggest.. Imagine my disappointment when i couldnt find it..

Decided to go to PS to take a look.. Dropped by HMV first and saw a display of shoes designed by celebrities.. It's a pity that i seemed to be the only person reading the celebrities' profile.. Hmmm.. Maybe it is because i dont watch plays and english dramas, thus i dont know them and had to read the profiles.. :p The shoe display is actually a plot to promote a new movie, "The Shoe Fairy", starred by Vivian Hsu.. It opened today and looked quite nice so i may go to watch it soon.. It is actually part of a project. Check here for more info...

On my way to PS from Heeren, i saw a caricaturist who can draw with both hands.. His advertising board said that he can draw in 3mins. He was drawing the pic of a bro and sis outside the Singapore Visitor Centre.. I think it is really good but i left after he finished drawing due to rushing for time..

Reached PS Esprit and got the same result.. Checked with the staff who confirmed that they ran out already.. Sianz.. Now, i must go and search for similar design and colour from other places... Maybe i will write a post to advertise my need for help...Btw, my friend, Sheila helped me to check with the staff on how much to spend to get an Esprit card.. The staff said from now till early May, there is a promotion and i only need to spend $150 to get it.. SO happy.. Thanks, Sheila.. $150 means maybe two skirts loh.. and i need some tops.. Lalalalala.. I am in a shopping mood..


  • Hmm. You're not bad for an asshole. ; P

    By Blogger Zhe Bin, at 7:56 AM  

  • Dotter, mommy got espirit card, can lend you. no need to go to the extent of spending so much to get the card lah...

    By Anonymous hitomi, at 2:03 PM  

  • i like the phrase - "I'm not fat, I just have too much meat". as it also applied to me. ;)

    By Blogger Leonard, at 4:43 PM  

  • rubbish bin: Thanks ah.. u are not bad too...

    mommy: Mommy, i want my own card lah.. borrowing very sianz lah...

    leonard: Haha.. thank you.. so if i go make a t-shirt, u will buy?

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 8:47 PM  

  • Hahahha.. You changed it! I was searching frantically for the stop button just now only to realize you changed it. Haha..

    Eh, the Sea Monkey Freeze from Fish and Co is nice! Anyhow, Manhatten Fish Market offers the same kinda stuff, but cheaper. It's at PS. :D

    By Anonymous ollie, at 11:51 PM  

  • ollie: Yea, cos scared you will die from heart attack mah so changed..we go and eat together at the place lah... heehee

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 9:03 AM  

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