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Friday, March 31, 2006

Kala 永远 ok

Meet up with Winter, my kel laopa and mommy for ktv last Saturday... We went to KBox @Chinatown for K Lunch.. I tell you there is this waiter there who is very funny.. we asked him what's our choices for lunch and he is ma chiang like doing 绕口令.. Damn fast loh.. We had to ask him to repeat 3 times, 3rd one in slow mode.. haha..

singing :p

Winter sang till so tortured... They were singing "lan shan hu"

Anyway, the food was not really fantasic... Both mommy and i had hainanese chicken rice (mom cannot remembered what she ordered loh), Winter had Lasak laksa ( i realised i suck at spelling but maybe it is because i never eat laksa before..) while laopa had curry chicken rice...

i had sprite while the rest had lemon teas...

My plate of Hainanese chicken rice

Mom think the food looked pathetic and thus pointed with a finger...

i finished it very fast.. cos hungry mah..

Laopa's curry chicken rice..

Winter's food came last...

We were unsatisfied and laopa had to bring out his bag of goodies for us..

POCKY!!! Travelled thousands of miles from Japan one hor..

i hate green tea..

My favourite chocolate one

White choco is nice

Notice that the 3 pics showed them in different lengths? Not taken on purpose.. i just happen to bite them (except for the white choco) before taking the pics.. haha

Laopa and mommy are still children at heart..

Winter is greedy...

Happily finished eating all of them except for the green tea.. laopa said i should give to cg darling cos is her favourite.. I love the chocolate ones alot alot... After that, there were also sweets...

A box of sweets

Ate one...

I forgot what this is called.. but it is very sweet in taste... with red bean inside :)

The three of them are talking about selling me off again loh.. i was so sad that Winter dont want me liao that i tugged onto her legs like a koala bear.. haha.. i think she is super tramutised liao... Had fun singing and it's cheap.. Only $8.50 per person.. But next time i want to go Marina Square KBox.. Heard there is jap lunch over there and just costed $3 more per person.. Lalala...

After the ktv, i went straight to Pasir Ris Costa Sands Resort to meet my friends.. It was Pei Qin's 21st birthday so bought a bottle of alcohol cos i left the ice wine at home (fyi, the ice wine, i took from my company one cos had been lying there in the dust for 3mths.. it was given to my ex-training officer from one training provider).. the vodka costed $52.. haiz.. wished i had bought at the duty free last week :(

Offical alcohol at the crime scene were vodka and jack daniels..

Wanted to go cycling but the weather was bad so just watched a vcd loh.. 虫不变 or something.. cant remember.. Helped out the preparation.. Must help cos qin helped out in mine 2yrs ago.. haha... Finally know who her new boyfriend is liao.. is Jeremy, my ex-sbm head.. dot dot dot.. hahaha..

Anyway, there's a lot of food.. we bbq some first to eat before other guests arrived.. i was the official prawnstabber.. and also helped Karen to peel some prawns cos she wanted to cook "prawns in butter".. Very nice...

Food to be bbq

Stringray.. super spicy >_<

I can peel a potato and still maintained its shape.. Terms and conditions apply...

The nice prawns that i peeled and were soo delicious that only 2 left when i remember to take pic...

chicken wings that had too much pepper in them..

Qin's mom came in the evening, bringing more cooked food...

Got bee hoon, nuggets, fishballs and chicken..

She also bought jelly that tasted so good, the three of us ate a lot.. almost half gone by the time we were done with it...

Me and the jelly arranged into star shape..

Acting shy with jelly arranged in diamond shape..

Finally willing to show face liao..

Anyway, the cake cutting was at 9plus... After which everyone started playing dai di.. :p At first, i wanted to stay overnite but then no one else i am close to was staying so i went home loh.. Unfortunately, i injured my left sole by hitting it against the panel accidentally.. imagine me walking home using just the bottom sole.. not funny.. Reached home at midnight.. haha.. just a bruise lah but at the wrong place but now my foot had recovered...

I had been eating dragonfruit lately... Remember that juice.. Yeah, just realised it also contained this fruit.. that's why got that colour.. First time i ever ate purple ones.. cos usually i ate those white flesh ones that are not as sweet as the purple ones...Can you believe i only ate this fruit for the first time 1 or 2 yrs ago.. I remembered it was Jane's mom who gave it to me to eat and i was a bit put off by its looks then :p

Sweet and purple

I saw a kitten at my void deck these few days.. So lonely.. dont dare to play with it cos i scared it will follow me home :(


  • hope your injury had recover and not so painful..

    btw, cineleisure also give jap food for K Lunch, no extra charge, only $8.50.

    By Blogger Leonard, at 12:09 PM  

  • Jas jas jas.. I cant wait for my exams to be overrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

    By Anonymous ollie, at 2:38 PM  

  • leonard: ok liao.. thanks for the concern.. 8.50 only ah, i think i can go check it out... Maybe for weekend is more exp?

    ollie: u slowly wait loh.. :p

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 5:15 PM  

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