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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Nothing to do on a half day leave!!!

I was on half day leave yesterday so i decided to utitize one of the vouchers mommy gave me.. I went to Orchard Cafe (in Orchard Hotel) for the buffet lunch.. Due to the ulu place i was working at, i only arrived at the cafe at 1.50pm.. that left me with 40mins to grab the food before the buffet area was closed at 2.30pm...

I loved the chicken lasagne.. I was actually trying to find some gravy for my Indian pancake thingy but the cook scared me off.. haha... I was faced with two choices for the soup: cream of broccoli and papaya soup.. I dont see myself drinking green stuff.. so i took papaya soup instead.. Anyway, papaya is good for female mah.. ahems...

Food i grabbed..

chicken lasagne, broccoli and Indian pancake..

papaya soup

I loved the desserts the most.. but cannot eat too much of them, otherwise sure sick of the sweet stuff... All of them tasted good.. but of cos the chocolate cake da best~~

After eating at 2.30pm, i sat around for 15 mins.. just slacking... I was just thinking how ignorant i was.. i acted a bit idiot at first loh cos i wasnt sure of some things.. How weird when it is so different when i am overseas.. I guessed as a guest staying in the hotel, u will feel that you deserved to be treated with the best service since you are playing for it.. That's me loh... Back in my own country, i am just a small fry... Btw, i noticed the cafe managers are quite handsome :p


View of lobby from what i sat..

Walked around to do window shopping... Bought earrings again (3 for $10).. Do you know i actually dont have any ear piercings? I also bought 2 cds, both soundtracks of old drama/movie... haha... I saw this guy on the street.. he was using dry leaves to make into animals.. So incredible..

I know the two blue ones looked the same here, but actually the colours are different lah...

Streetman outside Paragon

Never went into the refurnished Paragon before so i went there to walk walk loh.. I saw 李之晴 there.. her waist is super thin.. then i walked to Heeren, then to Taka... Met Christine and Huiping there...

I was very happy yesterday cos i did two good things.. 1st was on the way to Orchard, i gave up a seat to a elder woman.. Actually she dont seemed very old, maybe 50 plus bah.. Anyway, i dont need the seat lah.. 2nd thing was during the journey home, i helped a old man to fight for a seat.. Cos he cannot stand steadily in the moving train and nobody bothers to look at him.. So i went to a guy (his gf was occupying the "needy person" seat) and asked politely whether he mind giving up his seat or not.. He immediately gave up his seat.. Yipee.. i was smiling throughout the rest of the journey.. : )

There seemed to be a lot of sales going on.. One that i saw is Levi's renovation sale with up to 70%, now till 12 April.. There was a queue so i didnt go and take a look.. Maybe this sunday loh.. :p

Update: I went to take a look at the Levi's sale liao.. ended up they are cheap due to the stuff's quality are not guranteed to be the same as the normal ones.. Didnt buy any cos i rather fork out a bit more for better quality...

Mom and Dad bought me something from Japan...

The package..

Biscuit in a kawaii Hello Kitty tin.. :p


  • The earings u bought is for deco only?

    By Blogger THE SLY ONE, at 1:34 PM  

  • Go pierce your ears la!! Earrings are so beautiful lo. I have about 50 pairs at the last count.

    I pei you go pierce your ears want? :D

    By Anonymous ollie, at 2:46 PM  

  • ermm, then why u bought so many pairs of earrings?? go pierce ur ears, and put on the earrings. don't waste the money that you spent on them. haha. take care!

    By Blogger JIahUI, at 12:54 AM  

  • the sly one: No lah.. but that is a good idea.. can deco bag..

    ollie: you buy so much for what.. ok lah.. i also got 20 pairs.. heehee.. pain leh.. i scared scared.. maybe next century...

    jiahui: i will think about it.. must conquer fear...

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 5:12 PM  

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