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Friday, May 19, 2006

933 Golden Pillow

My colleagues and i had been ordering food in everyday as we were too lazy to go outside to buy.. Had KFC yesterday and then 933 Golden Pillow curry chicken today...

Golden Pillow Bun

Curry chicken..

We ordered quite a lot.. 8 rice, 1 vegetable, 1 curry chicken, 1 curry fish, some fried rolls, just for the 7 of us... Ended up with leftover rice.. Haiz..It was the first time i ate it.. Not bad.. I LOVE THE BREAD!!! so nice.. when it is hot.. :p

Was supposed to have dinner with a friend at JP but his car broke down.. Too bad.. Luckily my colleagues were free to join me for dinner and chat.. The four of us decided to go to Mac to have our meals and then we sat there from 7 - 10pm.. just chatting and chatting about funny and sianz things in our work.. heehee..


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