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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Breath of Scandal

This is one of my favourite book by Sandra Brown... After reading about how the female lead character was raped and her boyfriend committed suicide, thinking she had betrayed him, and how she overcame all this to be happily in love in the end... I declared it as one of my favourite books.. But so far, i had only read it once..

Why? Because my overactive brain can imagine images that are far too much for me to handle.. Similarly, i can replay the same disgusting images over and over in my mind even after watching it only once.. One fine example is the lotus pic KM linked up in the forum before... Oh God, pls spare me...

Seeing this brooch reminds me of that pic...

Seemed to have got the wrong pic.. Below one is the actual one that remind me so much of that wicked link..


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