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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Grand Hyatt and Settlers Cafe

I went out with my secondary school friends yesterday.. We went to Scotts Lounge at Grand Hyatt Singapore for high tea..

High tea = sandwiches.. I ate everything in the plate cos i was hungry...

High tea = cakes.. From L - R: my favourite chocolate cake, dont know called what but is cream with orange slices, strawberry cheesecake..

Berry tea.. very nice..

Banana and chocolate crepe, covered with chocolate sauce.. i am so lousy in making things look nice..

There is actually a small chocolate fondue...

Strawberries in chocolate.. sinfully delicious..

Fruits in chocolate..

The high tea cost S$33 per person but i feel that the variety is not really a lot.. And i am pissed with the service as the people kept coming to clear our plates... So ended up, we had to keep taking new ones.. Damn irritated.. Perhaps this is the "service" they are promoting but it is damn frustating when you are just chatting and they kept coming to disturb you.. I mentioned "they" cos there are two of them who manning that area.. They gave me the feeling that they want us to leave faster...

We walked around to shop awhile before taking a cab to Settlers Cafe. We went to the one situated in HDB Blk 15, Holland Drive..

There were a lot of people, thus we had to sit at those sofa and mini chairs table.. Damn painful for my back and legs..

Chicken cutlet set...

Came with soup, drink and ice cream..

We stayed till 10pm and played a lot of games (cos we never played a game for long.. haha). Let me intro the games we played..

Jungle Speed

I was the loser in the first round and the winner in the second.. hahaha.. My friends snatched very violently in the second round, resulting in marks on their hands.. Luckily i dont need to snatch...

I won in this round so can happily take pic

Objective: To get rid of the cards

How it is played
The cards are divided evenly between the players and no one can see what cards they had. Each player take turns to turn over the card (card must be turned outwards, towards the opponents and not inwards).

Once two players had the card with the same designs, they must snatch for the wooden tower (dont know what it is called :p). The loser will have to keep the winner's exposed cards. If anyone snatched by mistake, the person had to keep ALL exposed cards on the table.

Special cards
There are also three special cards. One of them is the coloured card, where the people with the same colour (regardless of designs) will snatch for the tower. Loser keep the winner's exposed cards. The second one is the card with arrows pointing inwards. Everyone had to snatch for the tower. Winner placed his exposed cards in the center. Anyone who snatched by mistake later will have to take those cards in the center as well.. The last card is the card with arrows pointing outwards. All players had to turn over a card at the same time. If there is any cards with the same designs, the players with the cards had to snatch..

The designs are quite similar to each other thus every player had to look carefully.

Trans America

Objective: To link up the stations you have

How it is played
Each player take five cards of different colours (red, blue, yellow,orange, green). The cards will determine the train stations they had to link up. The players had to take turns and use the tracks given (black blocks in pic) to link. Each move is allowed to place two tracks if it is a single line. Only one track can be placed if there are double lines.

Players can made use of the opponents' tracks to link to their other stations.

Quite easy to play, but more suitable for younger children.


This game is quite similar to jungle speed..

Objective: To get rid of the cards

How it is played
Each player chooses an animal randomly and made the sound of the animals to the other players. Every players had to memorise what is the sound of each player. Then the animal is placed inside the house. The cards are divided evenly between the players and no one can see what cards they had. Each player take turns to turn over the card (card must be turned outwards, towards the opponents and not inwards).

Once two players had the card with the same designs, they must imitate the sound of each other's animals. The one who is slower is the loser. The loser will have to keep the winner's exposed cards.

Special card
There is a card which allow you to switch the animal you have. Very beneficial if you have a very easy to remember animal.

Memorising which players had which animals.. i lose cos i got a very bad memory..

Marriage material

All four of us got married by the end of this game..

Objective: Not to get married (30 points of commitments)

How it is played
There are two stacks of cards, excuse and commitment. At the start, each player take four cards from the excuse stack.

The first player, A (the one with the starter card) take another two cards from the excuse stack and pick a commitment card (3 points) for the next player, B. B needed to use the excuse cards she had to write off the commitment points. She needed to use 3 points or more by using one or combining excuse cards. After B has written off the commitment, the commitment card is passed to the next player, C, to write off. The excuse cards B used are discarded at one side.

If C decided to take the commitment points instead of writing it off, the starter card is given to B. B will then take two cards from the excuse stack and pick a commitment card for the C. The round ended once a player hit 30 commitment points.

Special cards
Influence cards are placed in the excuses stack. You can use it at anytime to increase the commitments points the player is facing. For example, when player A got a commitment card of 11 points, B added the influence card of 3 points. This means A needed to use excuses points of 14 to write off the commitment. Otherwise, A need to take the commitment points of 11 if she dont have enough excuses points.. Each influence card only works on one player before it is discarded. Player can combine the influence cards they had. Different players can give the cards to the same player at the same time.

Event cards are placed in the commitment stack. Event cards can requested for players to switch the cards they had on their hands with each other. Once event card had been used, it is discarded and another card is taken from commitment stack for the same player. Eg, B choose a card for C. It is an event card. After the event card is used, B choose another card (commitment) for C.

Must be careful of the points you have. Also, have to take note of the possibilities of event cards, which may changed your opponents' cards to yours. I lost in the last round because i got a lot of influence cards and very little excuse cards..

We also played another game, Blokus.. Too tired to explain how it is played.. hahaha..


Frightening tall...

We played Jenga in the last 30 mins.. I almost have a heart attack.. Managed to achieve 30 levels.. How high can you all do?


  • the chicken cutlet looked very crispy... *wipe saliva with tissue paper*

    anyway, thanks for the email reply. ;)

    By Blogger Leonard, at 5:07 PM  

  • wa...u actually rem all the rules of so many games ah??

    By Anonymous weige, at 8:48 PM  

  • leonard: You are welcome. The chicken cutlet is crispy and fattening!!!

    weige: It's quite easy to remember the rules once you have played them. The cafe ppl have to memorise a lot more games since there are countless of games over there.. heehee..

    Btw, can you drop me an email at "jaschocolate@gmail.com" if you want to know the last scene for X-men 3?

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 9:08 PM  

  • Jasmine I think the chicken cutlet looks hairy. Hahahaha! By the way is this cafe the same one as the pitstop one?

    By Blogger Zhe Bin, at 7:19 PM  

  • zhebin: Pls loh.. that is called "burnt", not hairy.. and is also because they used the bread flour or something to cover the meat before frying lah...

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 9:57 PM  

  • actually, typing out all the rules is damm tiring also leh...maybe that's why my blog entries are so short! haha, coz too lazy to type so many things down...

    By Anonymous weige, at 10:21 PM  

  • weige: Yeah.. very tiring.. you got blog? What's the address?

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 5:49 AM  

  • great step-by-step instructions. can consider playing games for a living?

    By Anonymous S5, at 1:16 PM  

  • s5: Welcome welcome..

    If i got the money, i wont work and will play games for life.. YEA!!

    But sadly, i need money.. sianz..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 9:25 AM  

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