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Monday, May 08, 2006

Heart attack..

I almost died of heart attack today when my company bus zoomed past me.. I had to call the uncle and asked him to wait for me at the next bus-stop.. Ended up is the fault of the person who did the bus routes cos she put as "bus stop", thus i was mistaken that i should wait at the bus stop.. It is also my fault for not calling the uncle in advance.. Haiz.. will be so dumb to make this mistake again... To think i woke up so early and was there 30mins earlier... Haiz..

My shoes a bit cannot make it liao so i went shopping at Jurong Point after work (if everyday like this, i sure go broke).. Went to Swank at Level 2 and bought 4 pairs of shoes ($59.60).. Heehee

$9.90 only so bought 2 loh.. Wanted to get white but i was afraid that it will be dirty after awhile..

Guess which one is the $9.90 and $29.90?


  • when you ask that question , its more or less that the 9.90 is better looking.I guess the 29.90's the left one.

    By Blogger Jerome, at 7:36 PM  

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