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Saturday, May 27, 2006

I am fine...

Thanks for all of your concern. I am fine. Sorry if I had made all of you gan cheong but it was never my intention. I am not laughing with glee that so many have left comments (as mentioned by someone). I am just numb... numb in the heart where it matters the most.

Anyway, I used my MC today well by relaxing myself as suggested by the doctor. I went to see a Chinese physician with my mom in hope that my body can be cured, if not my heart. He gave some powder, which i think will be damn hard to swallow, for my stomach. Weird that he knew that i had aching neck and shoulder.. Guess i need a softer pillow...

After that, i went to Orchard Road where i had some high tea at Din Tai Fung..

The famous xiao long baos (uncle vandice, dont drool ah!!)

Prawn dumplings which is overpriced and not so nice..

My red dates and longan drink.. Nice nice..


I spent $20 on this meal and i feel it is not so worthwhile. The service is passable, just that the taste of the food cant tempt me much... I guess, being someone who worked for a HK restaurant before, i had became addicted to the HK dim sum.. I missed my ha gou, siew mai and chai siew bao.. I really want to eat them now..

Then I went to Cineleisure for "X-men 3: The Last Stand" movie. I ate crispy chicken, which u can really taste the fat when u ate it in the dark.. hahaha.. For those who had yet to watch "X-men 3", i advised you to stay till the credits are over.. else you will miss something loh..

Bought a cd at Sembawang Music, Shanghai Jazz.. I was listening to the tester by the window, and the music and scenery made everything seemed so perfect.. I watched the cars go by on the roads below and the skies were turning from blue to pitch black.. while songs like "夜上海,夜上海,你是个不夜城.." rang in my ears.. That's why i bought it..

After that, i met Ollie for dinner at Burger King, but i was too full to eat anything but some fries.. I went to Esprit to buy some clothes.. Spent $200 on a white blazer, a white skirt, a black top and underwear. Here's a pic to show how it look from the top.. Pardon the messy hair..

Branded teh kor.. bought to top up total amt..

Bought this in Heeren :p

Retail therapy really helps.. I spent a total of $255 today loh... Tell u all one funny thing...After trying on the clothes, i came out and talked to someone, thinking she is Ollie... In actual fact, she is a total stranger.. Sibeh paiseh.. i was blushing and apolognising.. hahaha.. i am damn blur!!! Dont know why i kept thinking Ollie was wearing green today when she is actually in pinkish red.. Btw, i dropped by taka B2 to peek at the cute guy Ollie mentioned before... the one working in F guys, wearing green (maybe i thought Ollie is wearing couple's outfit with him?).. Quite good-looking, very suitable for Ollie.. Ollie, go for it.. Use your kim chi's spirit, okie?

Recently, i am thinking of buying Victoria's Secret items.. Saw this few which i can still afford (meaning less than US$70 each)..

Wonder i buy liao will wear or not.. i so shy...

The sweater with the booch looked nice...

I loved this sweater..

Of cos, i also saw some beautiful but DAMN EXP stuff, that i cannot force myself to buy...

Kimono top (US$99.99)

Lace and Crochet Tunic (np - US$128 , sp - US$99)

OMG, can someone buy them for me???

Will be posting the rest of the series next week cos i dont have the mood to blog this week :p


  • Hi girl, I hope u are feeling better now (after the retail therapy). Usually when Im depressed, I binged on buffets or slurge on clothes as well. Will alway ends up buying things I dun use at all....

    Do keep ur spirits high!! Remember U live only once and live it well!!

    By Blogger defy angel, at 3:08 AM  

  • I missed whatever showing after the credits!!! *wails* what was that???

    good time to buy stuff in US$, when S$ is strong.

    By Anonymous absolutjoiz, at 10:06 AM  

  • ger I think you ok liao... after spending a few hundred dollars!!!

    If papa J tio 4D, papa J told me he will buy that number given by me for consecutive 3 weeks... chances are high lor... i am sure he can buy tat for you..... (evil grin)

    By Blogger Sunflower, at 2:34 PM  

  • wad was shown after the credits??? i missed it!!!

    By Anonymous weige, at 9:31 PM  

  • hey, uncle watch x-men 3 just now also...

    i got read new paper ask me to leave after the credits...but everyone leave, i also leave...thus miss it...

    can tell me thru' email? or not i've to wait for dvd liaoz...tks in advance...

    anyway, glad to knwo you're well, up and running...

    By Blogger Leonard, at 1:23 AM  

  • defy_angel: Hahaha.. fine liao but heart pained cos buy too much...

    joyce: Email u liao.. Hahahaha..

    summer: I must pray hard hard liao.. Pls let J daddy win!!!

    weige: Lalalala..

    Uncle Leonard: Why ppl leave, you must follow? must have your own mind hor..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 10:15 PM  

  • great! i haven't visited and suddenly so many things happened! u OK hor? everything alrite? must relac ok? incidentally, i thik the black sweater with the brooch look like something i saw in THIS fashion, ahem....

    By Blogger Ang Ku Kueh, at 10:15 AM  

  • Boycott!!! Boycott!!!

    By Blogger vandice, at 9:33 PM  

  • AKK: Thanks loh.. now wont bother buying that liao.. But then i also no money to buy liao.. sob sob...

    uncle vandice: BOYCOTT!!! For what? For showing u good food? U are a bad uncle..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 10:00 PM  

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