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Saturday, May 13, 2006

King Kong the movie

I didnt watch "King Kong" in the theatre because i was reluctant to part with my money for a movie where the main star is an animal. However, after hearing how good the movie was, i decided i will rent the dvd once it was out, which i just did. 3 hours worth of movie and i must say that the whole production crew must have put in a lot of effort for it. The clothes, the setting, the music, all contributed to this work of art.

The main highlight was of cos the appearance of King Kong and what he did for his love, Ann. He reminded me of a boy who finally got his favourite toy and will do anything to get it back when it was stolen from him. There were two scenes i liked the most. One where Ann and him was watching the sunset on Skull Island.. the view was really marvellous... Another was where both of them were playing on the ice, where combined with the soothing background music, made the whole thing looked so touching... “温馨” will be the words to better described how i felt.

I hated the part when the airplanes were shooting King Kong.. Do you know i was silently wishing that all the pilots will die at that time.. I guess the plot really get to me..

But sometimes, i think humans are the pathetic lot. We are the worst of all the animals, simply because we actually have a mind of our own. When we see something huge and unknown, we think of it to be terrifying, even though it has not harm us by one bit. We use our limited knowledge to judge, to do what we think is right, all this without even considering the feeling of the "animals". Why? Because they are animals, they cant think while we can.. But we forget we are also one of them, part of the life cycle.. Just that we evolve faster, that's all.. The irony of things..

We are worse off because we can harmed each other just for the sake of conquering, killing for the sake of.. pure killing. Where is the logic of how we do things? Instead of helping and loving each other, all we are concerned are power.. power.. and more goddamned power.. And why? Where does all this lead us to? A better world? This is not 200 B.C., not 2106 A.D., this is just the simple 2006. No past, no future, only the present. Why think of the past when it is way over? Why think of the future when we cant even fend for the present? All that lies ahead is just death to me...

Phew.. all that from a movie.. Any comedy to recommend.. i need a good laugh, though i did saw a funny movie already this week.. Let me blogged about it tomorrow then :p


  • I love the part when King Kong went 'AOR YI AOR!!!!' while thumping his chest.

    No wait, King Long only thumped his chest. The 'AOR YI AOR!!!!' was from Tarzan. Heh.

    By Blogger Sibeh Sian, at 2:25 PM  

  • sibeh sian: hahaha..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 11:13 PM  

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