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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Damn Stupid Work

I need to crap about work again.. Really cant stand it...

As I mentioned before, i got a new supervisor. This supervisor really makes me want to give her 2 -3 tight slaps. She is generally a okay person, except that I cant stand her pushing all her work to other ppl (meaning me and the intern). Fuck loh.. get paid for doing nothing ah?

Another thing she like to do is to cover her tracks... Like she push the work to us, then she will purposely send an email, cc to our big boss, pretending she did her work.. Ask me do things and always repeat twice because she forgotten she had told me.. Then she asked me to cc my work to her even though it is unrelated as I am dealing more with matters of the other company, then complained that got alot of unrelated stuff. Then why ask me to do it in the first place?

Okie, never mind, i bearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr with it. Then today, she asked the intern and me to go to the storeroom to take out all the training files. Do halfway, she complained that she got rashes and left.. *SLAP SLAP SLAP*.. After we two finished taking out the files and putting them in the cupboards, she went to clear her cabinets and also expected us to help her put them into the cupboards.. WTF.. I got 3 cartons underneath my table.. If i got time, i will rather clear my own stuff loh.. I really want to scream "I am NOT YOUR SERVANT!!!" Even her own application form, she need ppl to help to give to the big boss.. She dont have legs ah.. Even the intern is getting fed up with her.

And my manager told her that i will be busy this week already and she still gave me stupid things to do.. Ask me present entertainment company info in meeting... Wau lao, the meeting will waste 3 hrs of my time loh.. Then i had to stay back to do my work liao..

I had been staying back till 9 plus this two days as my manager is very gancheong about the coming audit. If it was the old office, I wont have mind but the new place is really damn ulu. Took the shuttle bus today as I was the only one left and there is no one to share a cab with me.

The bus took 25 mins to reach Boon Lay Interchange.. I think it had travelled the whole of Jurong.. But that is not the worst thing.. The worst thing is that I was the only female in the entire bus.. Imagine that.. Wau lao.. A fully packed bus with only one female aboard.. First time I ever experience this. Are all the females damn rich and can spare the cab fees?

Btw, do you know that there is a chocolate factory in Jurong? Everytime the factory started burning the chocolate, there will be a strong chocolate smell in the air.. I LOVE smelling that... Cant eat but at least can smell mah..


  • other than the chocolate factory, somewhere near there also have a biscuit factory...

    very hard to concentrate in lesson last time with the 2 different smell take turns to come...


    By Blogger Leonard, at 10:46 AM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Zhe Bin, at 12:27 PM  

  • Yes there got chocolate factory. Anyway, sucking up is the way to go! Go and por her so that she pushes the work to somebody else. Then after you're done with her, suck up to the manager, then your boss. Very soon you'll drive the company car already. No need to take bus liao.

    By Blogger Zhe Bin, at 12:28 PM  

  • yeah yeah, near boon lay, got cadbury factory! also have a biscuit factory like what leonard mentioned. its the khong guan factory!

    wa...ur company getting audited huh? skarly the auditors are from my company! haha

    By Anonymous weige, at 4:25 PM  

  • leonard: hahaha... it is divine...

    zhebin: You can be a scriptwriter.. So full of imagination..

    weige: I dont think i am so shuai bah...

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 7:46 PM  

  • ya you are not shuai, you are pretty! wahhahaa

    By Anonymous weige, at 8:25 PM  

  • weige: Dont be lame...

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 9:34 PM  

  • *pat pat*
    cheer up! at least u dun need to work till 5 am like i do...

    By Anonymous weige, at 9:43 PM  

  • Your company doesn't provide transport allowance if you do OT meh? Jurong leh...

    By Anonymous hitomi, at 10:07 PM  

  • weige: But your pay is higher, no?

    Hitomi mommy: Allowed to claim taxi fares after 11.30pm.. I dont think i want to work so late..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 10:12 PM  

  • 2k alot meh? if u take into consideration that normally i work average 12-14 hrs per day, my pay is even lower than if i go work in Mac...

    By Anonymous weige, at 11:23 PM  

  • The cocoa smell can be one of 2 things.

    First as most have said is probably the smell from Khong Guan factory.

    Iron smelt, coming from the nearby Steel Mills, on the other hand has a smiliar frangrance.

    By Anonymous Jay "Last Time Work Jurong One" walk, at 1:54 PM  

  • i smell that every single day. there is also a dark soya sauce factory, so sometimes hor, the smell can be a bit mixed up one.

    By Blogger Ang Ku Kueh, at 4:57 PM  

  • weige: How about this.. You give me 200 SGD dollars every month to make our salaries even.. Then i will stop crapping.. Then you can crap more.. Good idea?

    j dad: iron? IRON???? iron smelt like cocoa? Dot dot dot.. I just cannot imagine..

    AKK: Now got another soy sauce... so confusing smells.. cocoa, soap, soy sauce, IRON (???)...

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 9:31 PM  

  • so suggestive that i bao you with $200 per month? *shy*

    By Anonymous weige, at 10:41 PM  

  • weige: HELLO!!! I was only thinking to just give you my bank account no for you to transfer the money to me.. We are not EVEN going to meet...

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 11:07 PM  

  • how come only allowed to claim after 11.30? Crazy!

    Can you propose the change? This is too much! I used to work in Tuas, I can claim Taxi after 8 liao.

    By Blogger Sunflower, at 1:58 AM  

  • sunflower: haha.. i am just a small fry..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 3:02 AM  

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