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Monday, June 12, 2006


I dropped by at Bugis OG yesterday and i must say i really enjoyed shopping there. Some of the brands' designs are quite "auntie-like" but there are also some that are suitable for young adults like me.. haha.. Saw two dresses that i like but i took the wrong size to try (I cannot fit into M liao.. sob sob).. Never mind, it lower the temptation of me spending too much money..

There was a salesperson selling "Super B Wok" at OG and he used the woks to make cakes for us to see.. No oil, no water... The cakes are delicious and i am really amazed at how he did it.. But no money to buy his things loh.. but if you got money, you go OG level 3 this weekend.. See whether he will be there or not.. hahha

Bought this hello panda from OG cos i never saw this at NTUC (maybe i never go there for too long).. heehee.. but must control intake.. Maybe eat half today, then give the rest to Mom.. :p


  • i love OG @ Bugis! Always go with my mum there to shop! heh, coz she got the OG card =D

    By Anonymous weige, at 1:50 PM  

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