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Friday, July 21, 2006

Pepper Lunch

I met up with my poly friends on Monday for dinner at Taka Pepper Lunch. It was the first time for most of us as we didnt eat there before. We took some time to decide which set we want to eat before queuing up to order the food..

After that, we chatted and waited for our food. After around 10mins, the food arrived one by one..

Doreen busy cooking and eating...

Karen cooking.. Looked like the future housewife..

JOYCELYN~~ This one is another potential housewife...

This is my still being cooked beef set (No.4 item on menu)

Doreen's Chicken set (No. 10 item on menu)

Karen's Salmon and Chicken set (No. 15 on menu)

Sheila's Salmon Rice set (No.3 on menu).. This is the before pic...

After pic, where it looked like fried rice... :p

Sheila had just quitted her job and will be undergoing training at her new workplace next week.. Best of luck to her...

Sheila giving me the "why are you taking my pic without my permission" look.. hee

Karen will kill me for posting this.. but it is so funny... She looked so shocked and surprised... And our dear Joycelyn is playing with her fingernails.. Hmmm...

The design on the wall.. Took it for fun..

I think the food tasted quite okie.. Just that my clothes and hair got that greasy smell after eating there.. :p


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