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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Italian lunch and Western dessert

I went to Raffles place yesterday afternoon to meet my laopa and laoma for lunch. Actually, poor laopa paid for me (yes i very thick-skinned one). We ate at the new place in Lau Pa Sat, "Italian Cafe & Restaurant".


Environment - The place is horrible when it started raining..

We ordered a lunch set each as the price seemed more reasonable than just ordering ala carte.

laopa wanting to eat the soup..

Soup of the day - Mushroom soup. If you do not like soup, you can choose another starter, salad. I like the soup, though some may considered it to be bland. However, the light taste suited me, as I would not think that it came out from a Campbell can :p

laopa's pasta ( i think is penne.. cant think of other types already..). I only have a bite of it, so I should not comment too much on the taste, but i think i will not like it. The spices seemed to be too strong for me.

laoma's spaghetti. I had a hard time trying to get a bite due to me being an idiot with fork :p Taste okay to me.

My set is more expensive because it is LAMB SHRANK!!! Woohoo!!! Meat meat meat!! I finished all my long beans as they are really really delicious. I do not know what was used to complement its taste.. Salt? It just made me want to eat and eat all the time. The lamb shrank is really tender, and i basically do not need to chew it..

After that, it is time for DESSERT... All three of us choose homemade tiramisu. Actually, I found it alright. Maybe because i am a more chocolate person, but it tasted nice anyway. I think the chef should have made it into a square shape, then he would not waste the extra parts that were left around due to cutting. Or maybe he will eat the extras anyway.. haha :p


Taken from a higher angle

At the later part of the meal, the skies started crying heavily.... We were a little affected due to the seat location where we are. Sighz.. The legs of my jeans got wet when I was going back to the mrt station using laopa's umbrella.

Do you know what is the best thing to do on a rainy day? Did i hear "sleep"? Yes, you are right!! And that was what I did on the train, from Raffles place on the way to Woodlands. Luckily, i did not sleep till i lose my image, like dripping saliva or the sort.

Anyway, I went to Woodlands Causeway Point to meet Janise to pass her the dvds she wanted to borrow. She treated me to dessert.. Yummy!!

Swensens Regular Earthquake...

Now if i has gained back the weight i lost, i cannot blame anyone but my own sweet-toothed mouth..


  • woah, the italian food looked nice. yummy!

    "Luckily, i did not sleep till i lose my image, like dripping saliva or the sort."

    wonder how u know it since you're sleeping?

    hope everything is fine with janise!! :)

    By Blogger Leonard, at 5:34 PM  

  • leonard:
    It is yummy, especially since it is FREE~~

    I know cos i got touched my mouth to see wet or not mah..

    Janise is fine lah, just need some time.. Send your regards to her via email bah.. She will be glad to read them :p

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 9:18 PM  

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