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Sunday, August 27, 2006

KFC weird encounter

Yesterday met Uncle beng and his friends for ktv. I think Uncle is really of another generation one cos we agreed to meet at Amara Burger King and ended up waiting for each other for 30mins. Why? Cos he waited near the entrance and i waited inside the fast food joint.. Funny hor..

After that, i went to my last lesson of pilates. I went to eat KFC with Meiping at Jurong Point after the class and something happened to shock us both. As we were holding the KFC coupons, a very big-sized (another term will be fat) guy came and asked us to give him one coupon. We did and he queued behind us.

Then suddenly, i saw him went over to a nearby table and took a piece of chicken from the customers there. Maybe the customers did not want already or maybe they cannot refuse since he had already used his fingers to touch the chicken already. He went to sit down and eat. All of us nearby who saw this were shocked.

After a while, he had finished and then he tried to cut queue back to behind us again. The person who was currently was not very happy and they almost got into a fight. Meiping and I wanted to avoid this situation so we "escaped" to another queue but ended up the fat guy followed us. Wau lao.

After that, we really started to do things very fast. Pay money fast, bring food to table fast, eat food fast. This caused both of us to have indigestion and our stomach hurt like mad. But no choice as we were afraid that the fat guy will come near us to take our food. When we had finished our food and were drinking our soft drinks, we witnessed the fat guy going to another table and took the drink and cheese fries. At least, you know that this is why he is so fat.

Why I cant stand is his attitude. The way he think he can just cut queue and stand behind us. The way he took food from others. Just imagine a stranger of a massive size suddenly comes up to you and asked you whether you still want your food. Even if you still want to eat, you will be so shocked or suddenly do not feel like eating and passed the food to him.

I dont know whether he is very poor or what but if you are poor, you wont want to eat at a fast food joint, right? Unless his initial plan includes that of eating other people's food, then it is probably very worth.


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