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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Liyi Autograph session + BBQ

I went down to Suntec today to get my preordered copy of Liyi's latest book, "韩国赞".

I also managed to get it autographed by her...

Long queue for the autograph session.. Lucky i was there early...

Zhiyong and Huishi helping to "entertain" us while poor liyi was busy signing and signing..

After that, I went down to Pasir Ris to meet my ex-colleagues for a BBQ session. I also managed to meet the lady who replaced me - Patricia. We ordered food online as we find it troublesome to prepare ourselves. Ended the delivery person only came at 5.30pm (cos the stated time was 4-6pm.. dotz) and we were bored to death while waiting.

Finally can bbq and eat!!!

Some of them really really like to BBQ... At one time, there will be 6 - 7 ppl around the BBQ pit, cooking the food..

The guy in this pic is Rocky, one of the contestants in that 永不言败 show on ch 8.. haha

Uncle sean is happily bbq-ing...

Look at how happy he is to be able to service all of us beauties by bbq-ing for us :p

Woooo.. i love to eat melted marshmallow..

By the way, I had a new ringtone and sms tone now, courtesy of Rocky's daughter. She recorded her voice and we set it as my ringtone and sms tone. Feel free to call me to listen to it when we meet :p


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