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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mahjong Day on National Day

Just got back from a mahjong session with my secondary friends, Jane, Janice and Jocelyn at Jocelyn's place...

I was the big loser, but it was lucky that we played very small amt so i only lost $6.40.. hahaha... Do you guys have experienced before like, getting tiles that enables you to do 十三幺 or something? I experience it twice today but both times i didnt manage to complete as someone will game first.. Hmmm..

And is it considered 一台 if all my tiles are the same series? What does 半色 means? I cannot do big games cos i always mixed everything up.. and i am sibeh slow in arranging the tiles.. hehhee

Wore the white cloth pants that i bought in Bangkok last year for the first time.. Finally can fit into it as my thighs had lost some weight :p I think i am seriously not worried that i will stain it or somthing...

My white cloth pants..

I was in a rush to meet them that i didnt have a chance to go atm to draw money so I dug through my piggy banks. Heehee... Lucky still got a lot with me when i came home.. I dont want to come home with no money loh...

My coins

We only managed to play 2 full rounds in 5 hours.. Super slow hor... Okie, time to sleep....

To all: Happy National's Day!!!


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