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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Farewell Dinner

Yesterday was my last working day at my company (ex-company now). It was supposed to be last Friday but they requested me to extend for a few days so i told them i will work until tuesday.

I am currently still looking a new job and taking a short break. I know some ppl will feel that it is immature of me to quit when i do not have another job waiting for me, but I do not feel like rushing into a new environment. Anyway, i guess i wanted to tell my ex-company that I am leaving not because of a better offer but because it is damn lousy.

I was asked to stay 4 times by my direct manager (the one who got demoted after the merger) and i persisted and persisted.. Even my colleagues asked me to stay, which is a torture cos i am really close to them.. But I cannot deny that i was more relieved after throwing the letter.. So much that my boss commented that she is surprised i am going since i looked happier.. And i told her i am happier cos I am going mah...

My direct manager treated me to a farewell dinner last Friday at Swensens. My colleagues got lucky as they have free meal too... I ordered the chicken cutlet.. I think there is a more fancy name but i cant remember and the pic was taken after i had already tucked in.. that's why so messy.. heehee..

My chicken cutlet..

4 of my colleagues ordered this.. Crayfish pasta with black pepper sauce.. The sauce tasted better than the usual tomato sauce.. So if you are going to order this in the future, do try it with black pepper sauce.. :p

Crayfish pasta

We were chatting before and after the meal... Some of us ordered the main course with the meal option of adding $5 for a drink, a bowl of soup and a scoop of ice-cream.. I ordered the sticky chewy chocolate.. SUPER nice wor.. i almost want to lick the small serving cup but refrains from doing it to save my lady image.. *blink blink*


See Mei Ping so funny.. she saw me doing pics so she purposely put a ya sign on her face.. so cute.. the lady in the left side is my small boss loh..

After that, we ordered a regular earthquake, which had 8 flavours. They asked me to choose so i just randomly read off some flavours that looked more appetizing.. I thought we wont be able to finish cos most of us are full.. In the end, we almost scrapped the whole bowl loh.. LOL!!

Then in between, it is time for me to be phototaking whore...

I am HAPPY!!!

Is it the light? Is it the angle? Is it my chin that made my face looked oval when i smiled (Btw, pointed chin reminds me of Emil Chau). I think i looked good in this pic.. Loves it..

Who or what is Joanna thinking about? Food?

The dear lady, Julianne, who helped us to get the seats cos she was the only one early.. heehee..

Btw, she is 8 mths pregnant loh.. I am so evil to ask a pregnant lady to help us find seats..

Shirley and me.. the pic was taken using her phone, N80.. But once transferred to my phone, the image resolution cannot make it lah.. once i got a new job, i must buy a new phone..


Took using my phone.. much much clearer liao.. why Shirley not smiling.. Okay, try again..

Smile and smile...

And i got farewell gifts from my colleagues...

A musical box from Jo, fake flowers, purple plastic bracelet and piglet from Mei Ping (MP), piggy hp stand from Joanna, bear soft toy from Shirley and a bracelet from Joey.

Cute hor..

Here is another pic showing the interior of the musical box..

They even gave me a graduation cert.. i think they got the idea from the upcoming D & D cos there is a lot of long service award certs to be printed.. haha...

My "graduation" cert

The back of the cert contained their greetings to me.. AND i am supposed to guess who said what... BUT i seriously gave up.. MP, tell me who write one leh...

I am seriously touched by all of them.. Although i had only known some of them for just 3 months, we are already the best of friends... Seriously, if only the management is not so sucky, i will have stayed for another 6 months.. Well, it is over now..


  • how come no pics of Chalotte??

    And where did Jo get the chip & dale musical box from? i wanna buy 1 too!

    By Anonymous weige, at 10:05 AM  

  • who is Chalotte, issit a babe??

    seems u have a nice farewell, free food and lots of present..

    with ur talent can find a new job real soon...remmember dun rest too long!!

    By Blogger Leonard, at 2:01 PM  

  • weige: Dont have.. must stop your obsession loh..

    leonard: She is an attached babe.. haha..

    I really miss my ex-colleagues.. sob sob.. i am only going to rest 2 weeks bah.. but will be looking through classifieds this week..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 9:56 PM  

  • oh ah... u must be really bored. hehehe!! so many entries wor...

    If your are looking for jobs, try those employment agencies. Today, I got asked by one of the agencies we employ, if I wanna look for job anot cos she got a lot of vacancies. :p

    By Anonymous An, at 4:10 PM  

  • An: a bit bored loh...

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 4:18 PM  

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