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Monday, August 14, 2006


I went back to the old place to work part-time yesterday. It is for me to earn some cash but I had chosen to work only on Sunday.

I was so unused to it that my waist started to ache after a day of standing.. At least my legs are okay this time. I still remembered it were my legs that ached when i started my part-time job 4 years ago.

I discovered how "excellent" my service had become when a customer asked me whether we sell any dusters and my IMMEDIATE response is "No", instead of "Please wait for a moment while I checked for you". I think I shocked both the customer and myself. Lucky I immediately said, "Please wait, I will check with my colleague".. Guess I need to get used to it..

They delivered me another shock when they said that i will need to ensure my sales is good as times had changed.. Hmm.. How am I supposed to do that.... Whatever, time to rest my waist..


  • It is good, no matter what, cos there's something to work towards to. Haha.

    By Blogger Zhe Bin, at 10:28 PM  

  • How to ensure your sales is good..... hmmmm..... first of all, a smile, a sweet smile, just like this :)


    By Blogger 洛奇飞, at 7:05 PM  

  • zhebin: Hahaha.. okie loh.. :p

    燕兄: Smiling is very easy for me.. selling is different :p

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 7:24 PM  

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