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Saturday, September 09, 2006

New job on the roll...

Sorry for not updating.. Well, a gal need to go out and find work (cos got lots of nagging liao).. Anyone got miss me or not? =P

Anyway, i just finished my first week on the job and frankly, i am getting very frustated already. The "so-called" training mentioned happened to be on-the-job training cos everyone is too busy to teach everything. So another new gal and I had to learn as we worked.. All we had are the computer and a stack of papers to answer customers' enquiries.. The other colleagues did help to answer us when we had questions but otherwise, it is all up to us. Guess this is how tough this industry is... Driving away all the newcomers... Hmmm... Which industry? Guess yourself loh..

I think the managers had miscommunication... They do not seem to share information. Today, one of the managers, was shocked to realise that we two new gals had no experience in the industry at all and was worried that we will give the wrong info to customers. Hahaha.. Then what can we do? Sit around and wait for time to pass ah.. We still need to answer the phonecalls loh.. Finally find a way to put my "sexy" voice in use liao.. hehe

Actually, I just got scolded yesterday on the phone by a customer. She said I quoted her a higher price and questioned that i am trying to gain more commission. She even started to pull ranks on me, saying that she knew my bosses, who are her customers and she can call them right now to complain about me. I can only said i am sorry as I am still new and is not very familiar with everything. She shouted, "Dont tell me you are new. If you are new, then dont answer the phone". After telling me off, she asked me to get someone to talk to her, which i did.

Actually, she was the only bad customer I had gotten these few days and I was so affected that i cried and cried. Even cried a little at the mrt station. Didnt even pick up any calls in the last hour, as i was still trying to control my tears.. Pathetic, isnt it? I admit my control of emotions is purely zero. I wish so much that i can be void of any feelings.. Even happiness.. I am after all a corpse anyway already...

I really wanted to scream back at the fickle-minded customer (she made me confused, asking me so many questions on different things and kept wanting the cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeapst one) that I dont even have a commission now since no one can buy from me. Anyway, commission is so little that if i really want more money, i can just quit and worked in Popular or something.. That will give me 400 dollars more easily, without even pushing to sell. This reminds me once again how much i hate sales and how stupid i am to get myself into it. I hate it that ppl kept asking for discounts and in this case, questioning my integrity. Is it just this trait in Singaporeans that we had and which will appears once we decided to show our "ugly" side?

Mom said i am weird, forsaking a 5 days work for a 6 days one and getting a pay cut from 70plus to 40plus per day.. Hahaha.. I guess i am a weirdo.. But then, I am still a human, gave birth by my mom so what right does the stupid bitch have to shout at me? Dont tell me she is so godlike that she never makes any mistake... I am so lost that my first call today was badly handled too.. Haha.. But the rest were smooth, thanks to the other great customers.

I am sad today because I cant go to Superstar audition because i need to work.. Not that I can sing well but I will like to know what the whole thing is like. Anyway, guess i wont be able to update so often.. Was so tired everyday that all i can do is drop on my bed and rest.. No more energy to crap on my blog though there are lots of things i want to blog.. And I am still going to work on some of my rest days at Popular, which means working everyday.. Let's see when i will drop down dead.. Remember hor, i prefer white lilies for my funeral :p

Do drop me a comment, ok? It is so sweet to know that i do have readers :)


  • hey gal, dun get too stress up... work is like that de. Previously when I was attached to M1 also like tiz... encounter nonsense people also...

    don't take it too personally. customers are targeting more to the company then yourself. Relax abit...

    By Blogger ying, at 1:18 AM  

  • awww..don't be sad. there's always the Bar if the computer has internet access.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:18 PM  

  • i think u may sing well as you've a sweet voice during those voice blog earlier. too bad you miss the audition, it was such a long Q at HDB hub.

    for the job, sales job is lidat, customer can be very CB at times, i rem last time i went for an appt, instead, i kena lecture by the customer!!!

    By Blogger Leonard, at 3:20 PM  

  • hoi, I love you~

    By Blogger Amanda Val Ng, at 1:38 PM  

  • yoz.. so fast tink of ur funeral wif lilies.?? TOUCHWOODS leh!!

    life is awaiting u wif many beautiful tihngs, dun think of dieing so early.. cheerup =)

    By Blogger Jayson, i luv u, at 2:40 PM  

  • ying: Thanks dear.. Sometimes human beings make me confused.. so much that i forget i am one too..

    limboy: Cant access during work.. no time anyway :p

    leonard: Haha.. what was you selling.. I agree, customers think they are always right..

    val: Thanks, hon!!

    kit: Actually i aim to die 20yrs later.. not much time now, you know.. better start thinking =P

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 10:35 AM  

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