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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mooncake Festival

I know this is a few weeks late but what the heck...

I was the self-appointed mooncake buyer for my family this year as I wanted to get the mooncake from Raffles the Plaza. There was this new flavour, chocolate pearl snowskin mooncake, which I had tasted a sample before. Stupid me thought i will be able to buy straight from the counter so I didnt order through phone. In the end, i was disappointed as they only have bailey flavour left when I rushed down to Raffles City on Oct 5.

I decided to try my luck at the counter at Taka B2 atrium. The result was the same, or worse cos they only have those reserved mooncakes left.. It was funny to see the staff lazing around, with no need to sell anything when the rest of the other counters are busy trying to sell off their stock before the mooncake festival is over.

As I could not get the mooncake i wanted, I have to make do with other brands.. Walked around and ended up $60 poorer... I bought this...

Mooncake in Teochew style

This is very tasty.. First time i tried a mooncake that is deepfried and with yam filling.. Very crunchy and not too sweet type. Aiyah, I do not know how to describe the taste.. The best way for you to know is to buy them next year, ok? I bought 2 boxes of this, one for my family and one for my Popular manager, Huey Ling for being able to tolerate my nonsense...

I also bought some snowskin mooncakes from Lavender counter...

I bought 2 durian flavoured ones for mom and 2 chocolate flavoured ones for me...

Here's how the chocolate mooncake looked like when cut...

I regretted buying so many.. I should havebought small snowskin mooncakes instead as it was quite sickening to try to finish the big mooncakes on your own... My best solution in the end was to bring some of them to my office and begged my colleagues to help me finish.. hahaha.. Think i do not dare to buy mooncakes next year already.. Unless the mooncakes are from Raffles the Plaze Sichuan Court.. Hehehee..


  • aiyah, should have treated me to the mooncake!

    By Anonymous weige, at 8:22 PM  

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