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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Work Frustration

Sometimes i feel so frustrated. Like today, there was a customer who said he will be coming down to order from me so i was actually waiting for him. When he came down, I was helping a colleague to key a order so another colleague served him instead. In the end, it became THAT colleague's order instead of mine even though I was the one who gave him the quotation over the phone. It seemed like i was wasting my time picking up the calls cos in the end, they will not ended up to be my sale. I feel so reluctant to pick up calls now.. haha

This was not the first time it had happened. I do not want to mind it so much but let face it, i really need those orders, be it how small they are. I still need to hit my sales target, or face the fate of being screamed to death by my big boss. THAT colleague was even the one who advised not to be taken advantage so easily by other people, especially by the company. I feel like screaming at him cos he was the one who is taking advantage of me. He even did to my another colleague, who joined at the same time as me.

I really cannot understand why anyone will be like that. He already got tons of sales.. He even went to the fair, so I am sure his sales are definitely better than mine for the last few days. This job really give me ups and downs in my emotions. Just the other day, i had a big order of 20plus... 2 days later, the person cancelled the order.. My feeling goes to pit bottom immediately. Feeling so tired now......


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