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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

3 weeks ago, my friends, joycelyn and karen specially came down to chinatown to meet me for dinner... Poor them had to wait for me to clear my work before i can leave.. We ended up eating our dinner at almost 8 plus... We went to Chinatown Food Street to eat.. Actually it was my first time eating there :p

See how tired i am... :(

I did not have much appetite so I only ate a plate of popiah and shared a plate of homemade tofu with my friends..


Homemade fried tofu,quite delicious but can only eat 2 pieces per person cos eating more will be without any taste liao..

My friends ordered from Ming Fa stall...

Nice sauce...

Stealing food..

Good food..

After we finished, we still managed to save some space for dessert... Our dessert is the famous ah balling tangyuan (i think is called like this) which we shared.. Loved the soup base, not too sweet or too bland..


I am really glad to have friends like these, accompanying when i need them.. Thank you :)


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