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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dramatic day...

Went down to office to clear some paperwork today, which was lucky as there was a problem for me to solve.. It was with regards to a visa application for a customer.. I actually forget to photocopy the employment pass and old passport.. Ended up i have to ask the customer to fax to me and then i need to rush down to the china embassy to meet my colleague, the guy in charge of arranging the visa application.

Stupid cab uncle drove me to Tanglin Shopping Center instead of driving to the China Embassy, which is besides British Council. Made me do a 600m dash from Tanglin Shopping Center to the China Embassy.. On the way, I still need to ask for direction... TIRED~~~ i think he thought i am from China.

Finally managed to get there in time and passed the documents to my colleague, Dennis... While waiting for the submission, we had a chat.. Realised that he is actually younger than me by a year.. Hahaha.. He is another person who is shocked that I had actually quitted HR line as he is currently pursing a course in HR.. Sighz... I do not know how to explain why I did it but I do not regret it..

One thing both of us agreed is that our company really is not a company that cherishes the workers, resulting in low morale and high turnover.. In fact, Dennis just joined one month earlier than me. I think I really need to reconsider my future in this company. Maybe I can job-hop one or two years later to another company in the same industry?

Anyway, the embassy trip costed me to lose some time to do some work and I ended taking a cab back to West Mall. Nothing special is going on at part-time work today, except there is a new part-timer... I think her name is Denise... She is so cute at times, especially when she called me "Da jie jie" in that sweet voice of hers.. Hahaha...

On the way home, I was walking home when i accidentally stepped on something, which squeaked and jumped. I screamed a little before I realised that it was a freaking RAT that I had stepped on.. Anyway, it ran back to the drain when i was still in shock.. What a way to end the day~~


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