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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Overnight Work!!!

I just did a crazy thing last nite... worked overnight at the office, just me and computer and papers... So tired that i dozed off for a while.. Cleared most of the stuff and still need to follow-up on some orders before i filed them up... soooooooooooo happy...

Met a lao uncle beng for breakfast at Maxwell Food Centre... can barely swallow my porridge and was just playing with the food loh.. After that, took a ride from lao uncle.. First time on a bike.. sibeh interesting.. BUT there are times when I really thought i will fly off.. cos turning the bend mah...

My arms are aching from holding on too tight.. But i think old uncle's shoulders are worse off.. You imagine someone putting pressure on your shoulders for 15min at least... "Unusual" massage liao..

So tiring......... but cannot go back to sleep liao.. will be going to the airport later on tonight to learn some new skills.. Muahahaha...


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