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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Balcony and Kbox

Early last month, i went out with my colleagues to Balcony. It was the first time I went there for a meal. We ordered the following...

Calarami.. Sotongs!!!

Chicken Kerab - Ordered by Sopha

Lamb Kerab - Ordered by me => yucks.. cos too overcooked and dry for me..

Chicken chop - Ordered by Zixiu and Esther..

Zixiu and me at Balcony..

After the meal, we went to Kbox to sing and sing... Ordered some alcohol drinks and got high...

Future singing queens??

Zixiu and Sopha

Zixiu and Sopha again

Me and Zixiu at Kbox..

By the time we finished, i am dead tired liao.. Sent Zixiu home first by cab and then on my way home, i fell asleep... luckily cab uncle is not a bad person and i managed to get home safely.. :p


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