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Monday, December 18, 2006

Cut and cut...

If you have noticed from my recent pictures, I had actually really went to cut my hair short.. Most of my friends' inital thought when they saw me was, "why did you cut your hair short?"

Well, do you know that i used to have short hair all the while from primary school to secondary school? It was only in junior college when i decided to keep it longer. But during year 1 or 2, my track and field teacher advised us (some gals) to cut it short for the upcoming competition, so i did...

After i had cut it, i went to meet a guy i had a crush on for close to 5 years and his first response was "Why did you cut your hair?" From then on, i know he preferred girls with long hair and subconsiously i tried to maintain it..

But recently, i looked at myself in the mirror, looking like a total mess... And i decided I should just cut them away.. And decided that in the future, i should keep my hair long for myself, and not others.. Well, end of short story...


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