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Thursday, December 14, 2006

First AGV Gathering on 23/11/06

We had our first AGV gathering last month on 23th Nov... Went to Balcony (again) for dinner... heehee...

Balcony Menu

Balcony balcony

Winnie the pooh, which we called Kim Foo, to represent our colleague who was overseas at the moment.. Almost all the gals got one of it.. so cute hor..

Zixiu and me with foo foo bear..


This time, i was smarter already as i ordered the chicken chop.. And recommend almost everyone to eat it tooooooo....

Chicken Chop

Fish and chips.. Ordered by some ppl who dont want chicken...

Group pic at Balcony, taken by Dave uncle

Group pic taken by Esther's boyfriend...
From Left-Right: Catherine, Helen, Terence, Florence, Lisa, Jingwen, me, Zixiu, Esther, Sopha, Spencer, Dave

Our AGV couple, Mr Spencer (jie jie) and Ms Sopha.. See how cute they are together :p

After chatting for a while, we decided to continue our outing by going to KBOX... Yeap.. I sang till i became crazy liao...

Zixiu with Spencer jie jie.. see how fickle he is..

Poor Sopha had to sing to release her sorrows..

And gain emotional support from Terence.. Terence looked shocked to be caught in the act wor.. heeheee..

Zixiu and me..

Zixiu and me, posing with the bottle of alcohol.. we siao liao..

Drink and drink...


Zixiu and Terence..

Zixiu and Esther

Zixiu and Florence..

You must be wondering why there are so many pics of Zixiu.. Reason is it was her camera who took all these pics.. hehehe... I also shun bian helped her to advertise herself.. Lalalala...

Last but not least, a group pic at KBox... Cheers..


  • wads AGV?

    and ur friend no need advertise la, looks underage! haha!

    By Anonymous weige, at 10:21 PM  

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