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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Post-Christmas Dinner

Met up with my OBS mates last nite for a post-Christmas dinner... We wanted to have steamboat at Marina Bay at first but it was raining... No choice but to change to "New York New York" at citylink... Being the only gal there with 4 guys, i had to listen to their army crap... LAME~~!! hahaa...

After that, we wanted to go to Cheesecake cafe but it was damn crowded.. Thus we went to a pub just next next to it to chill out... Tried Erdinger Yeast for the first time... And i must admit my taste buds really sucks.. All i can taste about beer is that it is bitter.. Hahaha.. One of my friends, Clement, is very poor thing cos he cant drink due to driving.. :p

Exchanged gifts with each other.. Some guys really have no creativity loh, can only buy BOOKS.. Buy cookbook somemore... luckily i was not the "lucky" one to get them.. I got a toothbrush holder and a HUGE mug from Clement.. really huge loh..

After twelve, Clement sent us home one by one.. so good hor.. hehehe.. Okie, that's all for now.. :p


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