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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A break from work...

I was on a long break last week... Why? Cos i had my off days on last last Sunday and last Thursday and then I was on course from Monday to Wednesday... That means i didnt step into office for 5 whole days.. Yea~~ But now that I came back to work, i feel so sianz already.. hehehe..

Met up with Uncle ah beng on Sunday and he treated me to breakfast (brunch liao), ktv and pool... And he even bought me laopa bing from Hong Kong.. So gan dong wor... Anyway, i sucked in playing pool.. Dont want to play liao... Hmphz..

Lao Po Bing..

The logo is so cute...

Cutie wife cake?? Weird translation.. hehehe...

The course from Mon-Wed was quite okie.. Best thing was when teacher finished the lessons early and we will go to shop shop cos venue was in Orchard...

Cindy and me in class..

Saw this cute lamb at Taka.. Sharon taking a pic with it..

My turn liao..

See me blush cos got passerby stared at us taking pics...

Aiyoh, i wished got classes everyday... Maybe i should go back to school... Sighz..


  • you are getting prettier! why don't you use minimal makeup, though?

    By Anonymous just_a_passer_by, at 12:11 PM  

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