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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year...

I'm sick... on New Year day. It's a depressing thought..

Anyway, I went to Esplanade area yesterday to watch the fireworks for the countdown. I was the fifth wheel loh cos i went with my two friends and their boyfriends.. Too bad, my friend got dinner and could not join me.. *pouts*

We went to Surf 'N' Turf for dinner first..

I ordered chicken instead.. heehee..

Chalotte ordered chicken and prawns... and was disappointed that there was only ONE prawn.. hahaha..

Fish n Chips ordered by both Mei Ping and Chalotte's bf, Jerry.. Think this is the best deal cos it is cheap and there is so much.. :p

Grilled salmon ordered by Mei Ping's bf.. Cant remember his name.. :p

After that, we went to the Esplanade area at 9pm to wait for the fireworks.. The so-called special, meaning the fireworks released from the NTUC and One Marina buildings, was not much leh..

Worse thing was that it started to rain at around 10plus.. Luckily, ms fifth wheel remembered to bring an umbrella so the 5 of us squeezed under it to avoid the rain loh.. Luckily everything cleared up before the countdown...

I only managed to take some pics of the fireworks using my little hp.. :p



So nice...

Red and falling...

Ended with a big bang..

Need to mention how sweet my friend is.. He went down Esplanade to look for me after his dinner but i was actually on the bus home already. Then he searched for me for an hour loh.. Sweet hor.. Okie, he is going to get a Swensen treat from me once i got my pay this month.. hehe.. But anyway, traffic was damn bad.. I only reached home after a 2hr ride on the nightrider.. Sleepy sia..

Wishing You a Happy New Year.. YEA!!!

p.S. Btw that was the girly drink Clement ordered the nite before and the fingers were contributed by James.. heehee :p


  • ur friend sweet and quite dumb dumb leh! =P

    By Anonymous weige, at 11:30 PM  

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