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Friday, April 13, 2007

300 The Movie

Meet up with my poly friends on 16 March for a dinner at Cafe Cartel... Due to the lack of space, the gals sat at one table and the guys at another... We gals shared a set for five....

My Oreo Frappe

The set we shared... Wow..

Full beyond words can describe...

Can you see the figure we are pointing.. 16307.. the date..

After that, we went for a midnight movie and watched "300 The Movie"

Overall, I like the whole story, graphics and etc etc.. Really admire the courage all the men showed in their fight against the evil.. The funny thing is that Joycelyn was telling us how handsome the Captain's son is and the next moment, his head got cut off in the movie... Dotz..

One thing i cannot understand is the betrayal of the wife of the leader... Yes, she just wanted to help to get more soldiers to support her husband.. But the husband had already knew that this was the fate.. What is the point of getting the husband to be alive to learn of the shame she had brought to him?

No, I am not a virgo.. I'm just not sure of how love for another can brought such pain to each other.. Thus, it was lucky that the leader died, not knowing.. Thinking that the love of his wife is still so pure as before..

Maybe I just do not believe in sacrificing for love... Oh well...


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