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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Find Me A Singaporean!

Just watched the new program on Channel U, "Find Me A Singaporean!" hosted by Belinda Lee. This week featured her going all the way to Malta to look for a Singaporean couple living there. The husband was posted there to work for 2 years and the wife had left her teaching job to follow him there..

Every time i know of such cases where the wife follow the husband overseas, i will think of how noble and magnificant the wife is. To leave everything familiar to you behind for the sake of love... Not everyone can do that... At least I do not think i can...

In the program, Belinda's camera happened to be stolen during a religious event and she was saying that she cannot believe that the pickpockets will come out and steal on such a day itself.. I do not know whether she is so naive or is she living in a world of her own... Pickpockets will DEFINITELY steal, regardless of which day it is.. In fact, the more crowd there is, the easier to get the cash or items they want..

So what if it is a religious day? Their thinking is that "I need money. I need food." In their mind, God or the dead will not be giving them food to put on the table for their families. To resolve to stealing means that they had already lost faith in God, in their surroundings. They only believe in themselves, in what they want to believe in.

Anyway, it is a nice program, introducing the places that are not commonly thought of... Do catch it every Thursday at 9.30pm or 11.30pm (repeat telecast) on Channel U...


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